Ernest Maxin

Ernest Maxin
Ernest Maxin & His Orchestra
Ernest Maxin and His Orchestra
Ernest Maxin and His Television Orchestra
Ernest Maxin Orchestra
The Ernest Maxin Orchestra
August 22, 1923
September 27, 2018
United Kingdom
Orchestra leader and composer


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Covers by Ernest Maxin

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 1962 (unknown)
i 1959 Frances Williams
i 1960 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Jack Leonard
i 1968 George Olsen & His Music
i 1962 Woody Herman and His Orchestra - Vocal by Frances Wayne
i 1962 (unknown)
i 1962 Tex Ritter
i 1962 Don Cornell
i 1960 Bert Stock and His Orchestra
i 1968 The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Jean Bowes
i 1960 Charles Harrison
i 1959 Alfred Newman
i 1960 Marianne Michel
i 1968 Ella Logan - Orchestra under direction of Bill Harty
i 1962 Valaida & Dee Lloyd McKaye
i 1960 Mark Andrews [US1]
i 1959 Bobby Sherwood and His Orchestra - Vocal by Kitty Kallen
i 1959 Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra
i 1959 William Frawley
i 1968 Nicola Arigliano con orch. dir. da Pino Calvi
i 1959 Judy Garland
i 1960 Sidney Bechet - Claude Luter et son orchestre
i 1960 John Laurenz with Orchestral Accompaniment
i 1960 Hubert Eisdell
i January 1960 Johnny Nash - Arranged and conducted by Don Costa
i 1959 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra
i 1968 Janet Brace
i 1959 Bing Crosby with Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra
i 1962 Hank Jones [US1]
i 1959 Virginia Verrill
i 1968 Chick Bullock accompanied by His Orchestra
i 1968 Doris Carson & Ray Bolger
i 1969 (unknown)
i 1962 Debbie Reynolds
i 1962 Anton Karas
i 1968 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Skinny Ennis
i 1959 Al Bowlly
i 1968 Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra
i 1960 Nick Lucas "The Crooning Troubadour"
i 1968 Bill Carlisle
i 1959 William J. Halley