Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung
Leslie [HK]
Real name
Kwok-wing Cheung
September 12, 1956
April 1, 2003
Hong Kong
Iconic actor and singer. One of the key figures in Cantopop, Cheung also had a hugely successful film career. Among his accolades, he was voted as "the favourite actor in the 100 years of Chinese cinema", the third "Most iconic musicians of all time", the "Most beautiful man from Hong Kong cinema", and his song "Monica" was ranked as "Hong Kong's song of the (XX) Century".
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Covers by Leslie Cheung

Title Performer Release date Originally by
January 1978 Bobby Gosh
January 1978 Lauren Copley
(Leslie Cheung) August 1977 Peter McCann
March 2000 Olivia Newton-John
(Leslie Cheung) August 1977 Kenny Nolan
January 1978 America
January 1978 Billy Joel
January 1978 Randy Edelman
January 1978 Alan O'Day
January 1978 Boz Scaggs
January 1978 Bay City Rollers
{Qing Nan Zi Kong} (Leslie Cheung) August 21, 1987 Crazy Horse
愛慕 張國榮 (Leslie Cheung) 1987 Unverified
{Ju jue zai wan} (Leslie Cheung) August 21, 1987 安全地帯 (Anzen chitai)
Covered by Kwan Suk 'E
{Di Han} August 23, 1989 Robbie Dupree, 林憶蓮 (Sandy Lam)
{Zhe shi ai} August 23, 1989 關維鵬 (Teddy Robin)
July 18, 1998 Constance Bennett