Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention
Iain Matthews on 'Fairport Convention', 'What We Did in Our Holidays' and 'Unhalfbricking' ('Percy's Song' only)
Sandy Denny on 'What We Did in Our Holidays', 'Unhalfbricking', 'Liege & Lief' and 'Rising for the Moon'
Richard Thompson up to and including 'Full House'
Judy Dyble on 'Fairport Convention'
Dave Swarbrick from 'Liege & Lief' onwards
Ashley Hutchings First four albums.
Simon Nicol Guitar and now lead vocalist and the last founding member with the band
Trevor Lucas on 'Rosie', 'Nine' and 'Rising for the Moon'
Ric Sanders 1985 to present
The Bunch
The Albion Country Band

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