Ronnie Gilbert

Ronnie Gilbert
Real name
Ruth Alice Gilbert
September 7, 1926
June 6, 2015
United States
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Folk singer, songwriter, actress and political activist and one of the original members of the music quartet the Weavers, as a contralto with Pete Seeger, Lee Hays and Fred Hellerman.
Member of
The Weavers
Paul Campbell


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
Calla, Calla Ronnie Gilbert 1951 Unverified
1986 (2 artists)

Covers by Ronnie Gilbert

Title Performer Release date Originally by
April 1958 Campbell and Burr
April 1958 Marion Harris
1983 Peter Gabriel
April 1958 Red Onion Jazz Babies
1985 Steve Goodman
April 1958 Bessie Smith
March 17, 1998 Pete Seeger
April 1958 Bessie Smith
1983 Leadbelly
1983 Violeta Parra
November 30, 1987 (unknown)
2001 (unknown), Cuarteto Caney, The Weavers
1996 Sally Fingerett
1996 Mimi Farina and Tom Jans
1985 (unknown)
1963 (unknown), Earl Robinson
November 30, 1987 Fiddlin' John Carson
January 1951 Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
August 13, 1991 (unknown), (unknown)
July 1964 (unknown), Bob Dylan
August 16, 2019 (unknown)
2001 Bob Dylan
July 1964 Mary Martin, Patricia Neway
April 1958 Jimmie Cox
1985 Fisk University Male Quartette
1985 Virginia Liston
1996 (unknown), Woody Guthrie
1983 (unknown), Woody Guthrie
July 1964 The Good Time Singers
1996 The Good Time Singers
1983 Ethel Waters with Duke Ellington & His Orchestra, Ruby Hill, Harold Nicholas, Campbell and Burr, Alfred Drake & Joan Roberts, M.J. O'Connell
1963 Joe Glazer and the Elm City Four
1996 Leon Rosselson
2001 (unknown), (unknown)
1996 Janis Ian
April 1958 Bessie Smith and Her Blue Boys
April 1958 Thelma La Vizzo
1996 Thelma La Vizzo
July 1964 (unknown), The Limeliters
2001 (unknown)
April 1958 Bessie Smith
1985 Marvin Gaye
July 1964 Joe & Eddie
1996 Russ Case and His Orchestra with Jimmy Blair
August 13, 1991 J. W. Myers
1985 Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds
April 1958 Wadsworth's Novelty Dance Orchestra
April 1958 Bessie Smith

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