Edmund Hockridge

August 9, 1919
March 15, 2009
United Kingdom
UK-based Canadian baritone and actor
Jackie Jefferson Second wife


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Covers by Edmund Hockridge

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1962 William Ching and Annamary Dickey
1967 Tzeni Karezi, Brenda Lee
  1962 David Brooks and Marion Bell PRF, David Brooks and Marion Bell with Brigadoon Orchestra conducted by Franz Allers REC,REL
  1996 Annabelle Hill REL,PRF
  1959 Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale and Adrienne Brune PRF, Noel Coward REL
  1956 Vanessa Lee with Harry Acres and His Orchestra REL, Vanessa Lee PRF
  1962 Edward Matthews under the direction of George Gershwin REC, Edward Matthews PRF
  1962 Anne Wiggins Brown & Todd Duncan under the direction of George Gershwin REC, Lawrence Tibbett & Helen Jepson REL, Anne Wiggins Brown & Todd Duncan PRF
1996 Harry Clark & Jack Diamond
1954 Lilo and Peter Cookson
Do I Love You (Because You're Beautiful?) Edmund Hockridge 1958 Unverified
1963 Muriel Angelus
1967 Orchester James Last, Eddie Fisher – Arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle
  1962 Billy Eckstine REL, Louis Jourdan REC
  1962 Felicia Sanders REL, Barbara Cook PRF
1967 (unknown), Cuarteto Caney, (unknown)
Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Edmund Hockridge 1960 Unverified
1967 The Honeycombs
1958 Tony Martin & Yvonne DeCarlo
How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life Edmund Hockridge and Joan Regan (Edmund Hockridge, Joan Regan) January 1, 1961 Unverified
1954 Peter Cookson
  1962 Artie Shaw and His Orchestra REC,REL, Gene Kelly & Leila Ernst PRF
  1958 Harry Barris and His Band BRD, Will Osborne and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Will Osborne REC
  1956 Vanessa Lee - Denis Martin - Larry Mandon with Harry Acres and His Orchestra REL, Vanessa Lee and Denis Martin PRF
  1962 Lawrence Tibbett REC,REL, Todd Duncan PRF
I'll Know Edmund Hockridge 1953 Unverified
  1959 Peggy Wood & George Metaxa REC,REL,PRF
  1962 Les Baxter with His Chorus and Orchestra REC,REL, Lilo PRF
1958 Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth [dubbed by Nan Wynn]
  1962 John W. Bubbles PRF, Lawrence Tibbett REC,REL
  1954 Peter Cookson - Orchestra conducted by Milton Rosenstock REC,REL, Peter Cookson PRF
  1996 Alfred Drake REL,REC
  1962 Rex Harrison REL,PRF
1967 Charles Aznavour
Just Say I Love Her Edmund Hockridge 1950 Unverified
  1960 Sig. Francisco REC,REL, Luigi Zamboni PRF
  1962 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Kenny Gardner and Vocal Group REL, The Buffalo Bills PRF
  1957 Gene Kelly & Rita Hayworth [dubbed by Martha Mears] BRD, Jo Stafford with Paul Weston and His Orchestra REC
  1958 Sydney Chaplin and Judy Holliday REL, Judy Holliday and Sydney Chaplin PRF
  1957 Ella Logan - Orchestra under direction of Bill Harty REC, Kenny Baker [US1] BRD
1967 Jerry Butler
1959 Jessie Matthews
  1962 Robert Alda REC,REL,PRF
  1958 Fred Astaire BRD, Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus Johnny Morris REC
  1958 Russ Case and His Orchestra with Jimmy Carroll REL, Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra REC
One Alone Edmund Hockridge 1960 Unverified
  1959 Carolyn Thomson REC,REL, Carolyn Thomson & Dennis King PRF
1959 Hollywood Dance Orchestra [Adrian Schubert] - Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman
1957 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
  1959 Dennis King & Arthur Dragon PRF, California Ramblers REC
1967 Gilbert Bécaud, Frank Sinatra
1967 Ornella Vanoni REL,BRD, Dean Martin
  1962 Robert Preston & Ensemble REL, Robert Preston PRF
  1963 Muriel Angelus, Marcy Wescott, Wynn Murray PRF, Les Brown and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Miriam Shaw REC,REL
  1959 William O'Neal PRF, Nat Shilkret and The Victor Orchestra REC
1960 John Raitt with Carousel Orchestra under direction of Jospeh Littau
1959 Carolyn Thomson
  1957 Frank Sinatra REC, Ezio Pinza PRF
  1959 Leo Reisman and His Orchestra REC, Dennis King PRF
  1962 Helen Jepson REL, Abbie Mitchell PRF, Abbie Mitchell under the direction of George Gershwin REC
  1957 Adele Astaire & Allen Kearns PRF, Frank Crumit REC,REL
1958 Chico Marx, Tony Martin and Harpo Marx on harp
  1962 Maurice Chevalier BRD, Hank Jones [US1] REC
1957 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
  1958 Ethel Merman - Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra and Chorus REL, Ethel Merman PRF
The Desert Song Edmund Hockridge, June Bronhill (June Bronhill, Edmund Hockridge) 1960 Unverified
The Kentuckian Song Edmund Hockridge 1955 Unverified
1962 Leslie Caron [dubbed by Betty Wand], Hermione Gingold & Louis Jourdan
There's No Business Like Show Business Matt Zimmerman, Edmund Hockridge, Eric Flynn, Suzi Quatro (Matt Zimmerman, Suzi Quatro, Edmund Hockridge) August 22, 1986 Unverified
The Riff Song Edmund Hockridge 1960 Unverified
The Shortest Day Of The Year Edmund Hockridge 1963 Unverified
  May 1961 Percy Faith and His Orchestra REC, Mary Martin PRF
  1962 Alfred Drake, Joan Roberts & Betty Garde with Oklahoma Orchestra under direction of Jay Blackton REL, Alfred Drake, Joan Roberts & Betty Garde PRF
1957 Fred Astaire
1957 Fred Astaire with Johnny Green and His Orchestra
  1963 Eddie Albert & Marcy Westcott PRF, Benny Goodman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Martha Tilton REC, Les Brown and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Miriam Shaw REL
  1962 Meredith Willson and His Orchestra and Eileen Wilson, Barbara Cook and Robert Preston PRF, Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra with Sue Raney REC,REL
Tonight Edmund Hockridge 1958 Unverified
1957 (unknown)
1962 Louis Jourdan
1959 Evelyn Herbert and Robert Halliday
1962 Doretta Morrow and Larry Douglas
  1996 Alfred Drake REL,PRF
  1996 Alfred Drake REL,PRF
  1959 Norma Terris, Howard Marsh, Charles Winninger & Edna May Oliver PRF, Nat Shilkret and The Victor Orchestra REC,REL
1967 The Beatles
1959 Marek Weber und sein Orchester - Solo: Marcel Wittrisch REL, Richard Tauber REC,PRF
1967 В. К. Трошин (Vladimir Troshin), Julius La Rosa
1967 Pino Donaggio - Orchestra dir. da P. Reverberi, Dusty Springfield
Young and Foolish Edmund Hockridge June 15, 2016 Unverified
1958 Frances Langford, Libby Bennett, Ann Miller & Lucille Ball [dubbed by Trudy Erwin]


Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Cole Porter's Can-Can various artists 1954 Parlophone
Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate various artists 1996 Carlton Sounds
"King's Rhapsody" various artists 1956 Parlophone
The Sound of Music various artists May 1961 Pye Records