Marcel Stellman

Marcel Stellman
Gene Martyn
Leo Johns
Real name
Marcel Leopold Stellman
February 15, 1925
May 2, 2021
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Record executive, producer and songwriter. Stellmann brought the format of French show 'Des chiffres et des lettres' to the UK, where it ultimately became 'Countdown'. He also wrote a number of famous songs, including the lyrics to 'Tulips from Amsterdam', and film numbers, including 'I Will Live My Life for You' from 'Ghosts of Mississippi'.


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Songs written by Marcel Stellman

Original songs

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Addio Amore Marcel Stellman Addio Amore Vera Lynn und das Roland Shaw-Orchester m.d. Johnston Brothers
A Little Love and Understanding Marcel Stellman Un peu d'amour et d'amitié Gilbert Bécaud Covered by Bing Crosby
Be Mine Marcel Stellman Alle Mädchen wollen küssen Lance Fortune Covered by Rikki Henderson
Bonjour, Bonjour Marcel Stellman Bonjour, Bonjour Carrie Martin
Christmas in Smurfland Marcel Stellman Kerstfeest in Smurfenland Father Abraham
Dance On Marcel Stellman Dance On ! Kathy Kirby Covered by (3 artists)
Dans la vie tout s'arrange Marcel Stellman Storm in a Teacup Ginette Reno
Forbidden Games Marcel Stellman Romance, Romance de amor Covered by (3 artists)
Il pleut des roses Marcel Stellman It's Raining Roses Ginette Reno
In Surabaya Marcel Stellman Suiya Baya Mike Preston - Accompaniment directed by Harry Robinson Covered by Gitta Lind
Johnny (Is the Boy for Me) Les Paul, Marcel Stellman, Paddy Roberts Sanie cu zurgălăi Les Paul and Mary Ford Covered by (26 artists)
Laisse le soleil sécher tes larmes Marcel Stellman Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying Louise Cordet
L'amour est un carrousel Marcel Stellman L'arca di Noè Ginette Reno
Love Is New Everyday Marcel Stellman L'amour c'est comme un jour Charles Aznavour Covered by Charles Aznavour with Sting
Marble Breaks and Iron Bends Marcel Stellman Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht Drafi Covered by (5 artists)
Melody of Love Marcel Stellman Maladie d'amour The Ames Brothers with Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra Covered by (21 artists)
My Heart Marcel Stellman Amor Petula Clark - Peter Knight Orchestra
Pinocchio in Smurfland Marcel Stellman, Linlee Pinnocio in de Smurfenwereld Father Abraham
Scandinavian Folksong (Värmlands Visa) Marcel Stellman, Stanley Black Ack Värmeland, du sköna Caterina Valente
Smurfing Tango Marcel Stellman, Linlee Smurfentango Father Abraham
Spanish Flea Marcel Stellman Spanish Flea Kathy Kirby
Sukiyaki Marcel Stellman 上 を 向いて 歩こう {Ue o muite arukō} The Blue Diamonds with Choir and Orchestra directed by Jack Bulterman Covered by Paul Walden with Garth Young & His Music
Talking Love Marcel Stellman Moderne Romanzen Engelbert Humperdinck Covered by Freddie McKay & Horace Andy
There I Go Marcel Stellman Se per te c'e soltanto quell' uomo Vikki Carr Covered by (2 artists)
Tomorrow Is My Turn Marcel Stellman L'amour c'est comme un jour Charles Aznavour Covered by (7 artists)
Tom Pillibi Marcel Stellman Tom Pillibi Julie Andrews
Tulips from Amsterdam Marcel Stellman Tulpen aus Amsterdam Max Bygraves Covered by (3 artists)
United Drafi Deutscher, Marcel Stellman, Martin Binder Prelude (Marche en rondeau) Drafi Deutscher Covered by (3 artists)
You've Got to Learn Marcel Stellman Il faut savoir Charles Aznavour Covered by (2 artists)
You've Let Yourself Go Marcel Stellman Tu t'laisses aller Charles Aznavour Covered by (4 artists)