George Morgan

Real name
George Thomas Morgan
June 28, 1924
July 7, 1975
United States
00021500350 4 works
Country singer, songwriter and guitarist
Lorrie Morgan Daughter


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
 REC January 1953 Don Cherry and Grady Martin and The Slew Foot Five
Originally by Sarah Vaughan with Percy Faith and His Orchestra REL
August 26, 1974 Sun Child
November 5, 1963 (7 artists)
February 1952 (9 artists)
 REL November 1, 1974 Slim Whitman
Originally by Jerry Wallace REC
August 1953 Gary Buck
November 1, 1974 Lorrie & George Morgan
December 29, 1958 (3 artists)
March 1969 (2 artists)
June 29, 1959 (2 artists)
December 20, 1972 "Little" Roy Wiggins
May 10, 1974 (4 artists)
October 1954 (3 artists)
February 6, 1961 (3 artists)
February 1949 (10 artists)
July 1968 (10 artists)
 REL November 12, 1956 (8 artists)
Originally by Buck Owens REC

Covers by George Morgan

Title Performer Release date Originally by
April 1965 Leon Rusk
December 1969 Tommy Sears
February 1968 George Jones
August 1961 John Goss and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet, Paul Weston and His Orchestra with The Norman Luboff Choir
  December 1967 Kitty Wells REL, Jack Greene REC
August 1961 (unknown)
May 1969 Duane Dee
February 1968 (unknown), (unknown)
December 7, 1962 Dorothy Squires with Tony Osborne and His Orchestra
May 1969 The Chordettes - Orchestra conducted by Archie Bleyer
April 1965 Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and His Guitar
November 12, 1956 Rusty & Doug
February 1949 Cowboy Copas
February 1968 George Jones
August 1961 (unknown), Ernestine Schumann-Heink
1971 Ray Stevens
November 1, 1974 Bonnie Guitar
August 1979 Bonnie Guitar
August 1961 Michael O'Higgins
May 1969 Jack Greene
  December 1967 Jerry and Zelda REL, Gene Autry REC, Lulu Belle and Scotty BRD
1971 Conway Twitty
November 1, 1974 Hank Snow
March 1964 Floyd Tillman
1971 Ringo Starr
November 1968 Moon Mullican
August 1979 George Morgan featuring "Little" Roy Wiggins
August 1964 Vernon Dalhart, Carter Family
May 1969 Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and His Guitar
November 1, 1974 Jerry Wallace
February 1968 Ray Price
  1971 Bake Turner REC, Charley Pride REL
August 1957 Eddy Arnold and His Tennessee Plowboys
May 1969 Jack Greene
May 1969 Roger Miller [US-OK]
November 16, 1951 Jimmie Davis with The Anita Kerr Singers
August 1961 Harry McClaskey (Henry Burr)
August 1961 George Alexander [US1]
  December 1967 Eddy Arnold REL, Wilma Burgess REC
August 1961 Will Oakland
1971 Marty Robbins
December 1967 The Frontiersmen - Eddie Dean
August 1964 Hank Locklin
April 1965 John Laurenz with Orchestral Accompaniment
November 1, 1974 Eddie Miller and His Oklahomans
July 1949 Dick Haymes
February 1968 Ramblin' Tommy Scott
April 1965 Sons of the Pioneers
April 1965 Bobby Vinton
November 1, 1974 Hank Locklin and His Rocky Mountain Playboys
February 1969 Cowboy Copas
March 1964 Floyd Tillman
  August 1964 Webb Pierce REL,REC
August 1961 (unknown)
December 1967 Elton Britt
February 1969 Moon Mullican
April 1965 Vernon Dalhart
  August 1957 Dick McIntire's Harmony Hawaiians featuring Lani McIntire REL, Jimmie Rodgers with Lani McIntire's Hawaiians REC
December 1967 Floyd Tillman
February 1969 Ray Starr
May 1969 Jerry Lee Lewis
August 1961 Eddie Harkness and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Van Fleming
February 1968 Timi Yuro
April 1965 Johnny Western with the Guitars of Johnny Fields, Mel Tillis
November 1, 1974 Carl Belew
August 1957 Bud Billings (Frank Luther)
October 1954 Laurie Loman with Hank Russell's Orchestra and Chorus
May 1969 Glen Campbell - Conducted by Al De Lory
December 1967 George Jones
April 1965 Gene Autry
February 1968 David Houston [US1]
November 16, 1959 Jack Toombs
August 1957 Gene Autry
May 1969 Waylon Jennings



Title Performer Release date Label
(I Just Had a Date) A Lover's Quarrel George Morgan January 1953 Columbia [US]
A Candy Mountain Melody George Morgan featuring "Little" Roy Wiggins August 26, 1974 MCA Records
Blue Snowfall George Morgan December 7, 1962 Columbia [US]
Come Away from His Arms George Morgan November 16, 1959 Columbia [US]
I'll Sail My Ship Alone George Morgan November 1968 Starday Records
I'm Completely Satisfied You Lorrie & George Morgan August 1979 4 Star
I'm in Love Again George Morgan December 29, 1958 Columbia [US]
Like a Bird George Morgan March 1969 Stop Records
Little Dutch Girl George Morgan June 29, 1959 Columbia [US]
Makin' Heartaches George Morgan featuring Little Roy Wiggins December 20, 1972 Decca
Mansion over the Hilltop George Morgan November 16, 1951 Columbia [US]
One Dozen Roses (And Our Love) George Morgan November 5, 1963 Columbia [US]
Please Don't Let Me Love You George Morgan February 1949 Columbia [US]
Put All Your Love in a Cookie Jar George Morgan July 1949 Columbia [US]
Slipping Around Marion Worth and George Morgan March 1964 Columbia [US]
Sounds of Goodbye George Morgan July 1968 Starday Records
The Enemy George Morgan December 1969 Stop Records
The Little Green Men George Morgan February 6, 1961 Columbia [US]
The Lonesome Waltz George Morgan August 1953 Columbia [US]
There Goes My Love George Morgan November 12, 1956 Columbia [US]
Whither Thou Goest George Morgan with The Anita Kerr Singers October 1954 Columbia [US]
You're a Little Doll George Morgan February 1952 Columbia [US]

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