Harlan Howard

Harlan Howard
Real name
Harlan Perry Howard
September 8, 1927
March 3, 2002
United States
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Although he performed, Howard is best known as a country music songwriter.
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Songs written by Harlan Howard

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Above and Beyond (The Call of Love) Harlan Howard Wynn Stewart April 20, 1959 Covered by (21 artists)
A Guy Named Joe Harlan Howard Harlan Howard 1957 Covered by Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours
A Little More Time Harlan Howard Harlan Howard March 29, 1968 Covered by Tommy Cash
All I Can Be Is a Sweet Memory Harlan Howard Johnny Rodriguez December 1984 Covered by (2 artists)
All I Want for Christmas Is You Harlan Howard, Peter McCann Peter McCann 1995 Covered by Oak Ridge Boys
Another Bridge to Burn Harlan Howard "Little" Jimmy Dickens 1963 Covered by (11 artists)
As Close As We'll Ever Be Harlan Howard Ferlin Husky December 21, 1962 Covered by Gary Buck
Baby, Don't Be Looking in My Mind Harlan Howard Waylon Jennings July 28, 1965 Covered by Joe Simon
Baby Me Baby Harlan Howard Johnny Duncan October 4, 1967 Covered by Gene Watson
Be Careful Who You Love (Arthur's Song) Harlan Howard Waylon Jennings August 1985 Covered by (2 artists)
Better Class of Losers Harlan Howard, Ron Peterson Ray Price and The Cherokee Cowboys February 1984 Covered by (4 artists)
Big Man in a Big House Harlan Howard Leroy Van Dyke March 1961 Covered by (2 artists)
Blame It on Your Heart Harlan Howard, Kostas Patty Loveless 1992 Covered by (7 artists)
Busted Harlan Howard Burl Ives May 26, 1962 Covered by (73 artists)
Call Me Mr. In-Between Harlan Howard Burl Ives January 22, 1962 Covered by (4 artists)
Come on Home, Boy Harlan Howard Harlan Howard May 4, 1961 Covered by (3 artists)
Cozy Inn Harlan Howard Leon McAuliff April 1961 Covered by (4 artists)
Don't Our Love Look Natural Harlan Howard, Don Cook Keith Whitley March 1984 Covered by (3 artists)
Don't Tell Me What to Do Harlan Howard, Max D. Barnes Marty Stuart 1988 Covered by (4 artists)
Everglades Harlan Howard The Kingston Trio July 7, 1960 Covered by (8 artists)
Evil on Your Mind Harlan Howard Jan Howard March 9, 1966 Covered by (10 artists)
Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache) Buck Owens, Harlan Howard Buck Owens December 23, 1959 Covered by (22 artists)
Foolin' Around Buck Owens, Harlan Howard Buck Owens December 3, 1960 Covered by (27 artists)
Four Initials on a Tree Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard Burl Ives February 3, 1964 Covered by Stu Phillips [CA]
Go, Cat, Go Harlan Howard Norma Jean September 1964 Covered by Jean Gray
Goin' Home Harlan Howard Vernon Oxford August 9, 1966 Covered by The Hillsiders
Goin' Steady with the Blues Harlan Howard Skeets McDonald March 18, 1958 Covered by Jimmy Wolford
Grey Eyes You Know Harlan Howard, Ronald Gene Myers Harlan Howard April 1967 Covered by Waylon Jennings
Has Anybody Seen Me Lately Harlan Howard Harlan Howard May 4, 1961 Covered by (2 artists)
Heartaches by the Number Harlan Howard Ray Price January 29, 1959 Covered by (130 artists)
Heartbreak U.S.A. Harlan Howard Kitty Wells July 13, 1960 Covered by (5 artists)
Her Only Bad Habit Is Me Harlan Howard, Don Cook George Strait September 1990 Covered by (2 artists)
He's a Good Ole Boy Harlan Howard Arlene Harden December 7, 1967 Covered by (5 artists)
How Far Down Can I Go Harlan Howard, Jerome C. Barney Lefty Frizzell February 10, 1965 Covered by (3 artists)
I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today Harlan Howard Warren Smith [US2] April 1960 Covered by (26 artists)
I Don't Know a Thing About Love Harlan Howard Conway Twitty November 1983 Covered by Tommy Cash
I Don't Mind Harlan Howard, Richard Johnson Waylon Jennings July 28, 1965 Covered by (3 artists)
I Don't Remember Loving You Harlan Howard, Bobby Braddock John Conlee December 9, 1981 Covered by Charlie Sizemore
I Fall to Pieces Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard Patsy Cline with The Jordanaires November 16, 1960 Covered by (180 artists)
If I Cried Everytime You Hurt Me Harlan Howard Wanda Jackson February 14, 1962 Covered by (3 artists)
I Like That Kind Harlan Howard Johnny Bond December 1964 Covered by Charlie Thompson
I'll Catch You When You Fall Harlan Howard Charlie Walker April 27, 1959 Covered by (2 artists)
I Lose More Girls That Way Harlan Howard, Wally Lewis Quantrell Rader December 1963 Covered by Stu Phillips [CA]
I'm Down to My Last Cigarette Billy Walker, Harlan Howard Billy Walker May 1964 Covered by (4 artists)
In This Very Same Room Harlan Howard George Hamilton IV December 1962 Covered by Waylon Jennings
It Takes One to Know One Harlan Howard, Freddie Hart Reno and Smiley November 1959 Covered by (12 artists)
(I've Always Been) Honky Tonk Crazy Harlan Howard, Ron Peterson Keith Whitley 1982 Covered by Gene Watson
I've Got a Tiger by the Tail Buck Owens, Harlan Howard Buck Owens December 1, 1964 Covered by (39 artists)
I've Seen That Look on Me (A Thousand Times) Harlan Howard, Shirl Milete Billy Grammer May 12, 1967 Covered by (5 artists)
I Wish I Felt This Way at Home Harlan Howard Harlan Howard October 5, 1966 Covered by (11 artists)
I Won't Forget You Harlan Howard Jim Reeves [US] November 10, 1961 Covered by (24 artists)
I Wouldn't Buy a Used Car from Him Harlan Howard Norma Jean June 7, 1965 Covered by (2 artists)
Just Another Town Harlan Howard Hank Williams, Jr. April 1967 Covered by Tim Timebomb
Just a Queen for a Day Harlan Howard Wanda Jackson September 17, 1957 Covered by Lydia and Her Melody Strings
Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming In Harlan Howard Johnny & Jonie Mosby March 1964 Covered by (2 artists)
Leave My Baby Alone Bobby Bare, Harlan Howard Gary Buck November 1963 Covered by Wanda Jackson
Life Turned Her That Way Harlan Howard "Little" Jimmy Dickens September 3, 1964 Covered by (23 artists)
Look into My Teardrops Harlan Howard, Don Bowman Waylon Jennings July 28, 1965 Covered by (6 artists)
Love Is a Very Strange Thing Harlan Howard, Don Davis [US2] Marion Worth September 18, 1968 Covered by Karen Young [GB]
Mary Ann Regrets Harlan Howard Burl Ives 1962 Covered by (12 artists)
Meanwhile Down at Joe's Harlan Howard Kitty Wells May 25, 1965 Covered by Norma Jean
Mommy for a Day Buck Owens, Harlan Howard Kitty Wells October 21, 1958 Covered by (3 artists)
My Baby Is a Tramp Harlan Howard Lefty Frizzell February 19, 1970 Covered by Brennen Leigh
Nashville Rebel Harlan Howard Waylon Jennings July 5, 1966 Covered by (2 artists)
Never Mind Harlan Howard Nanci Griffith February 5, 1988 Covered by The Beautiful South
No Charge Harlan Howard Tina & Mommy (Tammy Wynette, Tina Jones) 1974 Covered by (15 artists)
No Place to Go but Home Harlan Howard Del Reeves March 7, 1967 Covered by Wanda Jackson and The Party Timers
Odds and Ends (Bits and Pieces) Harlan Howard Warren Smith [US2] July 1961 Covered by (9 artists)
Oh, What a Silent Night Harlan Howard, Marty Stuart Marty Stuart 1994 Covered by (2 artists)
Pick Me Up on Your Way Down Harlan Howard Charlie Walker June 5, 1958 Covered by (54 artists)
Please Pass the Kisses Harlan Howard Jan Howard February 20, 1962 Covered by (2 artists)
Room for One More Heartache Harlan Howard Ray Price June 13, 1963 Covered by (2 artists)
Sally Was a Good Old Girl Harlan Howard Hank Cochran May 1962 Covered by (22 artists)
Second Hand Rose (Second Hand Heart) Harlan Howard Roy Drusky September 11, 1962 Covered by (3 artists)
She Called Me Baby Harlan Howard Harlan Howard May 3, 1961 Covered by (36 artists)
She's a Little Bit Country Harlan Howard George Hamilton IV April 1970 Covered by (5 artists)
She's Gone Gone Gone Harlan Howard Lefty Frizzell February 10, 1965 Covered by (18 artists)
Someone Had to Teach You Harlan Howard, Bill Hervey George Strait February 1990 Covered by (2 artists)
Sound of Different Drums Harlan Howard Connie Smith April 1969 Covered by Anita Carter
Still in Town Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard Johnny Cash June 13, 1963 Covered by Hillbilly Five
Storm of Love Buck Owens, Harlan Howard Buck Owens and His Buckaroos July 20, 1964 Covered by Rodney Crowell
Sunday Morning Christian Harlan Howard, Lawrence Reynolds Harlan Howard May 1971 Covered by (4 artists)
Take It and Go Harlan Howard Harlan Howard September 14, 1966 Covered by (2 artists)
The Blizzard Harlan Howard Jim Reeves [US] October 4, 1960 Covered by (22 artists)
The Chokin' Kind Harlan Howard Waylon Jennings and The Waylors April 25, 1967 Covered by (36 artists)
The Deepening Snow Harlan Howard Burl Ives November 21, 1962 Covered by (9 artists)
The Grass Is Greener Harlan Howard Jim and Jesse & The Virginia Boys June 27, 1963 Covered by Wells Fargo Pickers
The Hurtin's All Over Harlan Howard Connie Smith August 25, 1966 Covered by (4 artists)
The Image of Me Harlan Howard Jim Reeves [US] May 31, 1957 Covered by (3 artists)
The Keeper of the Keys Harlan Howard, Kenny Devine, Lance Guynes, Beverly Stewart Wynn Stewart with Skeets McDonald and His Orchestra May 9, 1956 Covered by (9 artists)
The Key's in the Mailbox Harlan Howard Freddie Hart November 11, 1959 Covered by (17 artists)
The One You Slip Around With Harlan Howard, Fuzzy Owen Jan Howard September 15, 1959 Covered by (9 artists)
These Lips Don't Know How to Say Goodbye Harlan Howard Johnny Bush February 8, 1972 Covered by (3 artists)
The Streets of Baltimore Tompall Glaser, Harlan Howard Bobby Bare April 26, 1966 Covered by (36 artists)
The Wall Harlan Howard Freddie Hart March 1959 Covered by (8 artists)
The Water's So Cold Harlan Howard Stonewall Jackson April 29, 1963 Covered by (4 artists)
They Listened While You Said Goodbye Harlan Howard Jan Howard with The Jordanaires August 1962 Covered by Skeeter Davis
Thief in the Night Harlan Howard Jean Shepard February 1959 Covered by Mike Ness
Three Cheers for the Good Guys Harlan Howard George Hamilton IV January 27, 1970 Covered by Harlan Howard
Three Steps to the Phone Harlan Howard George Hamilton IV March 15, 1961 Covered by John McSweeney
Time to Bum Again Harlan Howard Harlan Howard June 1964 Covered by (4 artists)
Time Won't Tell Harlan Howard, Beth Nielsen Chapman Sara Evans October 27, 1998 Covered by (2 artists)
To Chicago with Love Harlan Howard Connie Smith July 18, 1968 Covered by (2 artists)
Too Many Rivers Harlan Howard Claude Gray October 1964 Covered by (19 artists)
Trouble and Me Harlan Howard Buck Owens and His Buckaroos March 10, 1965 Covered by Rick Shea and Brantley Kearns
Tyin' Strings Harlan Howard June Stearns September 1970 Covered by Jan Stark
Under the Influence of Love Buck Owens, Harlan Howard Buck Owens July 24, 1961 Covered by (4 artists)
Watermelon Time in Georgia Harlan Howard Vernon Oxford December 17, 1965 Covered by (9 artists)
What a Merry Christmas This Could Be Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard Willie Nelson November 12, 1964 Covered by (3 artists)
What Do Lonely People Do Harlan Howard Marie Osmond May 1985 Covered by The Burch Sisters
What If I Say Goodbye Harlan Howard Vince Gill March 10, 1992 Covered by Neyman & WillĂ©
What Makes a Man Wander? Harlan Howard Jan Howard September 18, 1964 Covered by (4 artists)
What's Left of Me Harlan Howard Harlan Howard March 1965 Covered by Waylon Jennings
When I Get Through With You Harlan Howard Patsy Cline February 28, 1962 Covered by (3 artists)
Where I Ought to Be Harlan Howard Skeeter Davis November 1, 1961 Covered by (2 artists)
Why Not Me Harlan Howard, Brent Maher, Sonny Throckmorton The Judds November 1984 Covered by (8 artists)
Will Your Lawyer Talk to God Harlan Howard, Richard Johnson Dottie West February 3, 1961 Covered by (2 artists)
Woman, Let Me Sing You a Song Harlan Howard Lefty Frizzell February 11, 1965 Covered by (3 artists)
Wrong Company Harlan Howard Wynn Stewart - Jan Howard February 24, 1960 Covered by (2 artists)
Yankee, Go Home Harlan Howard
You Comb Her Hair Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard George Jones January 1963 Covered by (10 artists)
You'd Better Go Wynn Stewart, Harlan Howard Jean Shepard May 13, 1958 Covered by Janet McBride
You're Alright with Me Harlan Howard Billy Mize August 1970 Covered by Johnny Farnham and Allison Durbin
Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was on the Right) Harlan Howard George Jones January 1964 Covered by (3 artists)
Yours Love Harlan Howard Waylon Jennings April 16, 1968 Covered by (15 artists)

Adapted songs