Luc Aulivier

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French translator for Disney songs


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Songs written by Luc Aulivier

Original songs

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
A l'amour Luc Aulivier New Morning Serge Kerval
Anticipation Luc Aulivier Temporary Like Achilles
Ce rêve bleu Philippe Videcoq, Luc Aulivier A Whole New World Karine Costa et Paolo Domingo Covered by (3 artists)
Comme un homme Luc Aulivier I'll Make a Man out of You Patrick Fiori, José Garcia, Thierry Ragueneau, Pierre-François Pistorio, Michel Vigné et les chœurs Covered by Cerise Calixte
Des sauvages Philippe Videcoq, Luc Aulivier Savages MB14
Enfant de l'homme Luc Aulivier Son of Man Phil Collins Covered by Cerise Calixte
Hakuna Matata Luc Aulivier, Claude Rigal-Ansous Hakuna Matata Jean-Philippe Puymartin, Michel Elias, Dimitri Rougeul, Emmanuel Curtil Covered by Olympe, Joyce Jonathan, Christophe Willem, Camille Lou & Zaho
Il vit en toi Luc Aulivier, Liliane Talut He Lives in You Covered by Cerise Calixte
Jamais je n'avouerai Luc Aulivier I Won't Say I'm in Love Mimi Félixine, Debbie Davis, Assistan Dembelé, Norma Ray, Jessica Parker Covered by (2 artists)
Je suis ton meilleur ami Philippe Videcoq, Luc Aulivier Friend Like Me Richard Darbois Covered by Arié Elmaleh
Je veux savoir Luc Aulivier Strangers Like Me Covered by Olympe
Je voudrais déjà être roi Luc Aulivier, Claude Rigal-Ansous I Just Can't Wait to Be King Dimitri Rougeul, Melinda Attia with Michel Prud'homme Covered by David Thibault
L'air du vent Philippe Videcoq, Luc Aulivier Colors of the Wind Native [FR] Covered by (3 artists)
L'amour brille sous les étoiles Luc Aulivier, Claude Rigal-Ansous Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Emmanuel Curtil, Maïdi Roîtt, Mimi Felini, Jean-Philippe Puymartin, Michel Elias Covered by (2 artists)
Le monde qui est le mien Luc Aulivier Go the Distance Emmanuel Dahl Covered by Jean-Baptiste Maunier
L'histoire de la vie Luc Aulivier, Claude Rigal-Ansous Nants' Ingonyama - Circle of Life, Nants' Ingonyama, Circle of Life Debbie Davis [FR] Covered by Zaho
Miss Marie Luc Aulivier Absolutely Sweet Marie Serge Kerval
Prince Ali Philippe Videcoq, Luc Aulivier Prince Ali Richard Darbois Covered by Alex Beaupain
Réflexion Luc Aulivier Reflection Marie Galey Covered by Anaïs Delva
Rien qu'un jour Luc Aulivier Out There Emmanuel Moire
Sing Sing Barbara Michel Laurent, Luc Aulivier Sing Sing Barbara Laurent Covered by Flamingokvintetten
Toujours dans mon coeur Luc Aulivier You'll Be in My Heart Phil Collins, Frédérique Tirmont