Sally Mayes

Sally Mayes
August 3, 1959
United States
Stage, screen and television actress. Mayes has done a lot of work on stage musicals and is also a singer, who performs rare nightclub dates in that capacity.


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
(8 artists)
January 4, 1990 Mark Fuller

Covers by Sally Mayes

Title Performer Release date Originally by
April 5, 2005 Herb Jeffries with Buddy Baker and His Orchestra
June 30, 1992 Eileen Farrell, George Byron with André Previn
June 30, 1992 Wilbur Evans and Eileen Farrell
October 1998 Ginger Rogers & Allen Kearns
June 30, 1992 Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, Bill Robinson [1]
June 30, 1992 Walter Woolf King
September 8, 1998 Simon and Garfunkel
October 1999 Meat Loaf
April 5, 2005 Dolores Gray
October 1994 Nancy Walker
June 30, 1992 Aida Ward and Willard McLean
June 30, 1992 Jimmy Carr and His Orchestra
April 5, 2005 Ivie Anderson, Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Herb Jeffries
March 2002 Elaine Stritch
April 5, 2005 Peggy Lee
October 1998 George Givot and Josephine Huston
January 4, 1990 Lynne Wintersteller, Sally Mayes
June 30, 1992 Adele Dixon, Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra, Fred Astaire with Johnny Green and His Orchestra - Vocal by Fred Astaire
March 26, 1996 Ethel Merman
June 30, 1992 Marcia Van Dyke & Johnny Johnston
October 1999 Bruce Springsteen
April 5, 2005 Mitzi Green
April 5, 2005 Gloria Grafton & Donald Novis
June 30, 1992 Fred Astaire with Johnny Green and His Orchestra
October 1994 Betty Comden, Nancy Walker, Adolph Green and Cris Alexander
October 1999 Delaney & Bonnie and Friends featuring Eric Clapton, Dionne Warwick
October 1994 Dolores Gray
April 5, 2005 Jesse Belvin with Marty Paich and His Orchestra, Blossom Dearie
April 5, 2005 Harry James and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Buddy Di Vito
October 1994 Judy Holliday
June 30, 1992 Gwen Verdon, Helen Gallagher, Carmen Morales, Gwen Verdon
June 30, 1992 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Vocal refrain by Carmen Lombardo



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