Charles Adams Prince

Charles Adams Prince
Charles Adams
Prince's Band
Prince's Band - Prince's Orchestra
Prince's Grand Concert Band
Prince's Military Band
Prince's Orchestra
October 10, 1937
United States
Conductor, bandleader, piano, organ and celeste player, who led a traditional jazz group, which released the first known version of several jazz standards.


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Covers by Charles Adams Prince

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i February 1917 Nora Bayes
i 1912 Emma Carus
i 1917 Sousa's Band
i August 1909 American Symphony Orchestra
i 1914 Heidelberg Quintette
i 1911 (unknown)
i 1917 M.J. O'Connell
i 1915 Douglas Stevenson
i 1917 Trenton George Washington Pre-Inauguration Band
i 1911 (unknown)
1920 Al Campbell and Henry Burr
i 1918 (unknown)
i July 1915 Sebastián Yradier
i 1918 Sousa's Band
i 1916 Geo J. Gaskin
i 1917 Bryant's Minstrels, (unknown), (unknown), Geo J. Gaskin, J. W. Myers, Harlan and Stanley with Orchestra
i 1917 John Barnes Wells
i 1914 Victor Military Band
i March 1914 (unknown)
i 1913 American Quartet
i May 1915 Victor Military Band
1917 The Peerless Quartet
i 1921 Billy Jones [US]
1916 Emerson Military Band
i January 1911 Stanley and Burr
i 1915 Richard Jose with Orchestra
i April 1913 Richard Jose with Orchestra
i 1918 Samuel Ash
i 1912 American Quartet with Orchestra
i August 1909 Cäcilie Carola, Emma Malkowsky & Kathi Herold
i March 1914 (unknown)
i The Stars and Stripes Forever Prince's Band 1916 Unverified
i 1913 L'Orchestre De l'Europe's Society
1906 Byron G. Harlan
i 1917 George M. Cohan