Charles Adams Prince

Charles Adams Prince
Charles Adams
Prince's Band
Prince's Band - Prince's Orchestra
Prince's Grand Concert Band
Prince's Military Band
Prince's Orchestra
October 10, 1937
United States
Conductor, bandleader, piano, organ and celeste player, who led a traditional jazz group, which released the first known version of several jazz standards.


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Title Performer Release date Label
Marching Through Georgia - Medley of Patriotic Airs Prince's Band - Columbia Stellar Quartet 1916 Columbia
They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Aroun' - King Chanticleer Byron G. Harlan - Prince's Band May 1912 Columbia
St. Louis Tickle - Silver Bell Vess L. Ossman - Prince's Military Band January 1911 Columbia
The Smiler - Tickled to Death Vess L. Ossman - Standard Band 1911 Standard Disc Record
Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine - Washington Grays March Harry Tally - Prince's Band 1911 Columbia
The Pink Lady - Selections - My Beautiful Lady Prince's Orchestra - Grace Kerns 1911 Columbia
That Mysterious Rag - That Haunting Melody Prince's Band - Andrea Sarto 1912 Columbia
Silver Threads Among the Gold Charles Adams 1915 Columbia
A Broken Doll Prince's Band February 1917 Columbia
Alexander's Ragtime Band Prince's Band 1912 Columbia
Ballin' the Jack Prince's Band 1914 Columbia
Beale Street Blues Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
Blame It on the Blues Prince's Band May 1915 Columbia
Chin Chin Prince's Band 1915 Columbia
Columbia Graphophone Company March Prince's Band 1918 Columbia
For Me and My Gal Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
Hail Columbia Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
Homesickness Blues Prince's Band March 1917 Columbia
Indianola Prince's Band 1918 Columbia
Medley of Patriotic Airs Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
Memphis Blues Prince's Band 1914 Columbia
On the Mississippi Prince's Band 1913 Columbia
On Wisconsin Prince's Band May 1915 Columbia
Over There Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
Pretty Baby Prince's Band 1916 Columbia
Smile and Show Your Dimple Prince's Band 1918 Columbia
St. Louis Blues Prince's Band February 1916 Columbia
That's a Plenty Prince's Band 1914 Columbia
The Old Grey Mare Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
Where the Cotton Blossoms Grow Prince's Band 1918 Columbia
You're a Grand Old Flag Prince's Band 1917 Columbia
The Magic Melody - Georgia Grind Prince's Band - Prince's Orchestra 1915 Columbia
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 Prince's Grand Concert Band 1911 Columbia
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie Prince's Military Band 1906 Columbia
Beautiful Ohio Prince's Orchestra January 1919 Columbia
Black and White Prince's Orchestra August 1909 Columbia
Ciribiribin Waltz Prince's Orchestra 1911 Columbia
I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Tim Prince's Orchestra 1920 Columbia
I'm Alabama Bound Prince's Orchestra October 1910 Columbia
March of the Little Lead Soldiers Prince's Orchestra July 1915 Columbia
Memories Prince's Orchestra 1917 Columbia
Peggy O'Neill Prince's Orchestra 1921 Columbia
The Irish Washerwoman Prince's Orchestra March 1914 Columbia

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