Carl Holmberg

Carl Holmberg
November 11, 1910
March 5, 1976
Singer, who recorded extensively from the 1940s until the 1960s.


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Covers by Carl Holmberg

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1956 Lloyd Keating and His Music (Ben Selvin)
1953 Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra
November 1955 Alberto Semprini e il suo Sestetto Azzurro - Canta Natalino Otto con il Trio Vocale Aurora, Lars Kåge
November 1954 Orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman
1955 André Claveau avec Jo Boyer et son orchestre, (unknown)
1958 Edith Piaf & Les compagnons de la chanson, (unknown)
September 1953 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys, (unknown)
February 1952 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
Covered by (4 artists)
February 1950 Les compagnons de la chanson, Harmony Sisters
January 1953 Joni James - Lew Douglas Orchestra, (unknown)
November 1953 Sam Doctor, (unknown)
October 1949 John Laurenz
Covered by (5 artists)
May 1949 Carl Carlsson Jularbo och Gösta Sundqvist
November 1955 (unknown)
1953 Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra
1958 Gertrude Lawrence, (unknown)
September 1951 (unknown), (unknown)
1956 Orchester Georges Boulanger, Sven-Olof Sandberg - Sven Arefeldts orkester
1957 Bing Crosby - Grace Kelly, (unknown)
October 1949 Ray Noble and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Ken Carson & The Noblemen
Covered by Anna-Lena Löfgren & Poliskören Stockholm
1955 Line Renaud - Orchestre dir. Pierre Guillermin
1960 (unknown)
1955 Dickie Valentine with The Stargazers
April 1948 Clement Scott, Ana Hato and Deane Waretini
November 1951 Judy Garland, (unknown)
1958 Sixten Ehrling - Kungl. Hovkapellet - Dir: Charles Wildman, (unknown)
September 1953 (unknown), Thory Bernhards med Willard Ringstrands orkester
1958 Cliff Edwards with Victor Young and His Orchestra and The Ken Darby Singers, Sven-Olof Sandberg - Willard Ringstrands Orkester
March 1952 Gene Austin
Covered by Gunnar Wiklund - Sven-Olof Walldoffs orkester
February 1952 Tommy Tucker Time - Vocal Chorus by Don Brown
November 1954 Otto Dobrindt's Tanz-Symphoniker, (unknown)
March 1952 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
February 1950 John Raitt & Jan Clayton
October 1953 Anita O'Day - Orchestra conducted by Larry Russell, Lily Berglund, Simon Brehms orkester
1955 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra and The Ray Charles Singers
February 1953 Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman, Lisbeth Bodin, Harry Björnberg med Thore Swaneruds orkester