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#1516 — Boogiest Band In Town (Slik) covered by The Arrows

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The Boogiest Band in Town
The Boogiest Band in Town
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British band The Arrows covered "Boogiest Band In Town",originally by Slik.

The song was the B-side of the 7"-single "Once Upon A Time"

The single was released in January 1976 on RAK 231.

Both tracks were produced by Phil Coulter.

The song was later put on the LP "First Time",released in April 1976 on SRAK 521.(track A5).

The song was written by Phil Coulter and Bill Martin:

William Wylie MacPherson Martin

Phil Coulter

The Arrows can be seen playing "Boogiest Band In Town": type in : Arrows Boogiest Band In town,,380365,00.html?src=search

on this page,you can see when the arrows-single was released


The song was originally released by Scottish band Slik in March 1975 on Bell 1414 and had "Hatchet" on the B-side.

The song was produced by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter.

The song also features in the rock-movie "Never Too Young To Rock" where Slik can be seen together with The Glitter Band,Mud,The Rubettes and Scott Fitzgerald.

The soundtrack was released in 1975 on GTO GTLP004(track A5).

Slik were:

  • Midge Ure:vocals/guitar (later with PVC2,Rich Kids,Ultravox and Band Aid)
  • Kenny Hyslop:drums (later with Simple Minds,Skids)
  • Billy McIsaac:keyboards
  • Jim McGinlay:bass


Groeten uit Zeebrugge.


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