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Shake a Hand by Faye Adams covered by Johnnie Ray

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Shake a Hand

By Johnnie Ray

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Performer: Faye Adams

Song: Shake a Hand

Original song in database: Shake a Hand

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Performer: Johnnie Ray

Song: Shake a Hand

Recorded: November 21, 1956

Written by: Joe Morris (Joseph L Morris)

Produced by: Jim Miller

Band Led by: Ray Conniff & Ray Ellis

Album: The Big Beat

Label: Columbia (US), Philips (UK)

Columbia Catalog #: CL 961


catalog # -

Album cover can be viewed and a sample of the song played at the Johnnie Ray International Fan Club site. Go to the LP Albums page. currently carries a double release of this album with "I Cry For You". They also have a playable clip.…


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