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#43262 — Dear Companion (tsk)

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Dear Companion
Dear Companion
Bonnie Dobson
Release date
February 1962
Prestige International
Catalog number
INT 13031

Dear Companion

I believe that the Dear Companion LP was originally issued as Prestige 7801 in 1960 and that Prestige INT 13031 was a reissue from 1962 (it was reviewed in the February 10, 1962 issue of Billboard).


Comment by tsk
2012-02-27 00:35:53 UTC

I'm not convinced you are correct about this. Jazzdisco does indeed say that PR 7801 was released in 1960, but it also identifies PR 7801 as a reissue of Prestige International, PR-INT 13031. See, The Both Sides Now preview Prestige reference says PR 7801 was issued in 1970 and is a reissue of Prestige Folklore 14007. Both Sides Now already has a completed Prestige Folklore discography and it shows Folklore FL 14007 to have been released in 1963, and also identifying it as a reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13031. See,

So I continue to believe that the Prestige International version was released first.

Comment by tsk
2012-02-27 01:52:55 UTC

I just checked out the Both Sides Now preview for Prestige International, showing PR 13031 having been released in 1962, to which I have changed the SHS release date. The Prestige PR 7800 series is a reissue line.

Comment by SlimD
2012-02-27 02:25:02 UTC

That seems correct to me. I was fairly confident about the 1962 date for Prestige INT 13031 since it was consistent with the date I found for Prestige INT 13027, a Tossi Aaron LP that I recently added to SHS.

Until today I was not familiar with the 7800 series.

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2016-03-09 00:00:00 UTC
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