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Jonathan Edwards by Jonathan Edwards

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On August 30, 2016

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This album also includes another relatively well known song "Shanty", which is not currently listed on SHS.

The only cover of which I'm aware is by Tony Basley on "Callipygous" (2007 per iTunes). The artist is not currently on discogs, but the release is on iTunes, and elsewhere:

This album also includes covers of the following:

Brandy ... see

Take a Letter Maria

"Why Don't We Get Drunk" ... see


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2017-05-27 06:14:43 UTC
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2017-05-27 06:18:16 UTC

Hi - feel free to add them. I 'rejected' them because they don't seem to be 'errors' on my part, i just didn't know about them at the time, and don't have time to fully research them now. Any members can add.

Comment by VirileVagabond
2017-05-27 13:34:57 UTC

This was made when I first became active on site again. I believe I have referenced this post in a related subsequent, "normal" submission, but it won't be duplicated in the foreseeable future. Handle as SHS sees fit.

Note that the original Why Don't We Get Drunk is now on site, cover still pending.

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