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#57452 — WillieThe Shake (The Wurzels) = Lily The Pink (Scaffold)

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On the LP "Carry On Cutler!" by The Wurzels,you can find the song "Willie The Shake",which is changed version of "Lily the Pink" by Scaffold.

The new lyrics were written by Adge Cutler/Tony Baylis/Tommy Banner/Reg Quantrill/.

The LP was released in 1969 on Columbia SX 6367(mono) and SCX 6367(stereo).

The song is track B6 on the LP.

At that time,The Wurzels were:

  • Adge Cutler:vocals
  • Reg Quantrill:banjo/guitar
  • Tommy Banner:accordion/piano
  • Tony "Gaffer" Baylis:tuba/bass

The Wurzels

The song "Lily The Pink" was based on the traditional "Lydia Pinkham" and was reworked by Mike McGear/John Gorman/Roger McGough/.

It was released by The Scaffold in 1968 on Parlophone R5734 and had "Buttons Of Your Mind" on the B-side.

The Scaffold were:

  • Mike McGear(Liverpool 07/01/1944)(real name Peter Michael McCartney-he's the brother of Paul McCartney (Beatles/Wings).

  • Roger McGough (Litherland,Liverpool 09/11/1937)

  • John Gorman (Birkenhead 04/01/1936)

Groeten uit Zeebrugge.


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2007-12-05 15:10:30 UTC

This is the single by The Scaffold:

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2007-12-05 15:11:22 UTC

And this is the printing on the single:

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