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The Whole of the Moon covers

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On May 6, 2008


The Whole of the Moon

Covered by Jennifer Warnes on her 1992 album The Hunter:

Covered by Peter Mulvey on his 1995 album Rapture:

Covered by Human Drama on the 1998 compilation New Wave Goes To Hell: Added in the meantime

Covered by Boys of a New Age on the 1998 single The Whole Of The Moon / The Man Who Sold The World:

Covered by Quill on their 1994 album Black Heart:

Covered by Tom Baxter on his 2004 single My Declaration Pt.2:

Covered by Jason Helder on his 2007 album Covers (Nothing But):

Covered by Terry Reid on his 1991 album The Driver: Added in the meantime

Covered by Slow Release feat. NAT on the 2007 compilation I Love Chillout 2:

Covered by Little Caesar on their 1990 single The Whole Of The Moon:

Covered by Celtic Fayre on the 2005 compilation Celtic Spirit:

Covered by Cousin Leonard on their 2002 EP Silverfly:…

Covered by Paddy Casey on his 2004 album Living (Bonus Disc Version):

Most of these can also be verified on The Waterboys' offical page:


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