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I Cry [Westlife] cover by Shayne Ward

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On July 16, 2011


I propose "I Cry" a new song by Westlife

Strangely enough, and the huge number of covers Westlife has made, this may be an original sang the first time by Westlife, as I have found no earlier versions.

Song: I Cry

Artists: Westlife

From album: World of our Own

Track #3

Year released: 2001

Label: Sony BMG

Written By: J├Ârgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger

I also propose a cover of this by a wonderful artist called Shayne Ward

Song: I Cry

Artist: Shayne Ward

From Album: "Shayne Ward" which was his debut album

Year album released: 2006

Track #: 6

Label: Sony BMG / Syco

Audio for Shayne Ward version

Here a live version by Shayne Ward

Unfortunately you don't have a page for this very talented artist, so this will be a great opportunity to add a new artist.

He is the winner of the British "The X Factor" competition in 2005 and has had a string of hits in the UK and is popular worldwide, particularly in Europe and Asia.

He has three albums:

"Shayne Ward" (2006)

"Breathless" (2007)

"Obsession" (2010)


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