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Baby It's Cold Outside by Matt Dusk featuring Theresa Sokyrka <new>>

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Jeff Chamberlain

On September 26, 2017



Baby It's Cold Outside

By Matt Dusk featuring Theresa Sokyrka <new>>

Peace on Earth
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Sources used: youtube,

2004 release date reported here:

2007 live performance here:

Note: Credits, release dates and releases are a mess for this one. Only" iTunes lists "Cold Outside" as a track on this album. Other sources do not.

The duet also appears on a 2007 album credited to Theresa Sokyrka called Wrapped in Ribbon.

This duet also appears on a 2009 compendium called "A Canadian Christmas Vol. 4:

Other links to allow for verification:…

There is a later (2016) release of this song credited in the SHS data base to "Matt Dusk" on an album called Old School Yule.

Baby It's Cold Outside

According to discogs, the female singer on Old School Yule (2016) is Halinka Młynkowa.

However, according to Matt Dusk, it is Canadian jazz singer Emma-Lee.…