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Дорогой длинною

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Дорогой длинною

By Tamara Tsereteli

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Дорогой длинною

Artist: Tamara Tsereteli [Тамара Церетели] (August 14, 1900 - April 3, 1968)

Music written by: Boris Fomin

Lyrics written by: Konstantin Podrevsky

Recording date: 1925

Language: Russian

Comments: Pronounced "Dorogoi dlinnoyu". Manufactured & pressed in 10,000 copies.


Comment by nikitoz555
2010-03-26 14:17:47 UTC

Лимитированное издание?

Comment by walt
2013-09-24 09:41:41 UTC

This seems for real !! Is there mention of a label and cat nr ???

Тамара Церетели - Дорогой длинною (Those were the days,1st version,1925,муз. Борис Фомин, сл. Константин Подревский)

Самая 1ая версия этой нетленки записанная Церетели в 1925 г., Вертинский был 2ым исполнителем и записал свою версию через год в 1926 г. НаслаждайтеS.

Comment by jojo
2013-09-24 16:25:50 UTC

Russian Records says 1929 !

A labelshot and MP3 are present on the next link;

JoJo greets

Comment by walt
2013-09-25 09:07:08 UTC

Tamara's added now. A shame the Wertinsky's on Columbia are not dated. Thanks Joop.

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