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Confusion between Suzanne Langlois and Jacques Brel

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On June 19, 2005

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While surfin' on your wondeful website, I noticed a big confusion between two authors.

The song is : {+Ne me quitte pas+}.

This is the song which has been the most always played on the french radio, according to the Guinness book.

You say it was originally made by Simone Langlois. In fact it is Jacques Brel who wrote it, after his separation with a french singer, named Suzanne Gabriello.

In 1959, Brel was not yet as famous as he became a few years later, and he gave this song to Simone Langlois, as he did with "Je ne sais pas", "Au printemps",...

And he is actually the most famous interpret of this song cos he also sang it in 1959. Nowadays, nobody knows that Simone Langlois was singing that in 1959.

If you talk french, you can check what I say on her official website :

And on the many Jacques Brel websites, you will notice that they don't even mention Simone Langlois. You will just see the name of Suzanne Gabriello for who the song was written.




Comment by fredlln
2005-06-19 21:12:16 UTC

I forgot to mention the link : Simone Langlois

Comment by Bastien
2005-08-08 20:43:15 UTC


When you read our database carefully you'll see that it mentions "written by Jacques Brel", so we agree with what you say.

Also, if the original performance is credited to Langlois it is because according to our information she recorded it before Brel did. Again, you can also check this out in the database.

Do you understand?

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