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El jarabe veracruzano (Bastien)

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La bamba

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El jarabe veracruzano

First: THANK YOU so much for this one-- can't wait to share and am always asked, Where do you get this??

The label in the recording has the name as , "La Bamba - Son Veracruzano."

I do not know why there are two categories in Spanish, with Richie Valens credited as, written by.." The only two verses he uses are the ones most widely know, heard on the original by El Jarocho and used by everyone (as far as I can tell. (I know 2-3 more usually sung.)

I mentioned in posting a cover by Lila Down, that the song is usually performed with the singer making up verses-- anyone does, even my college conies, with a guitar, after a few ... following 4-5 traditional verses.

Without listening to each and every cover, (or checking credits) it's hard to know who has added verses, as on the Lila Downs recording.

Here is how the RV is credited on Discogs, " B1 La Bamba Adapted By – Valens*


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I love Lila Downs! Why don't you add her cover when the fancy takes you and I'll go ahead and close this ticket - it's getting a little long in the tooth. If the Valens critique still holds then make an error report straight on his version.