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Apron Strings (wally creek)

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Arthur Love

On September 28, 2015

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Apron Strings

I wanted to add that I own a Cliff Richard EP recorded live [teenage audience] at Abbey Rd 9th and 10th February 1959 according to the dust cover notes by James Wynn in which the last paragraph states "Completing the programme is a relatively new song, Apron Strings, which Cliff performs on record for the first time here,...." but the topic is closed. My brother and I bought the EP "Cliff" [No 1] new here in Australia because at the time [1959] it was the only copy we could buy of Apron Strings which was a favourite Cliff Richard track. The other tracks on the EP are My Babe, Down the Line, I got a feeling, Jet Black[an instrumental by the Drifters] and Baby, I don't care. EP is Columbia [Aust] SEGO 7903


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2015-09-30 21:40:17 UTC

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Comment by Limbabwe
2015-10-05 14:37:11 UTC

Hi Arthur !

Thanks for your input. We've discussed this matter intensively in the past. Have a look here: .

Please keep posting your questions, remarks and errors. We would also welcome some covers by Australian artists you're familiar with.

Kind regards,


Comment by Arthur Love
2015-10-05 23:07:42 UTC


I had read topic 24439 which is what I was referring to in saying "the topic is closed". I just found it interesting that Cliff Richard would have been aware of a recording in the USA released less than a month before by a totally obscure artist and have the time to make an arrangement, rehearse the band and do a good quality live performance. Maybe someone should ask Cliff where he got it from. The billboard review was only a week before the Abbey Rd event.

I shall see if I can find some Australian covers, but there were so many and your website so extensive that I would be surprised if I turned up anything new.

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