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La paloma by Carlos Francisco with orchestra

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On January 27, 2018

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On January 27, 2018

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This record was a subsequent release.

The first recording of (La Paloma-The Dove) sung by Carlos Francisco with orchestra results on 78 rpm Victor - 16065 B, while on the A side there is the song (La Golondrina-The Swallows) released on 9 September 1903.


Comment by Frokor
2018-01-28 09:25:00 UTC

Not sure even 1903 is the correct first release. DAHR lists even earlier recordings, the first one being 23 July 1900. Apparently Francisco did 2 recordings of the song in 1900, one in 1901 and 5 in 1904. The first recording was released on Victor A-171, but it doesn't say when. Based on the low catalogue number I would assume it is pretty early. In the notes it says "Returned: 5 May '02: 124 cps.; returned: 31 Dec.'02: 705 cps.", but I'm not sure what that means.