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101 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Jake Shimabukuro The Beatles DashBoardDJ856 2020-01-24
102 Chip Shop Elvis Nisse Hellberg Kirsty MacColl, Nisse Hellberg camembert electrique 2020-01-24
103 The Hungry Years Ron Libby Neil Sedaka Clee J 2020-01-24
104 My Love Ron Libby Paul McCartney & Wings Clee J 2020-01-24
105 Just the Way You Are Ron Libby Billy Joel Clee J 2020-01-24
106 Shine On (Silver Moon) Ron Libby Adam Wade Clee J 2020-01-24
107 Every Now and Then Ron Libby Brenda Lee Clee J 2020-01-24
108 The Streets of Laredo Craig Duncan Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-01-24
109 Back in the Saddle Again Craig Duncan Ray Whitley and His 6 Bar Cowboys, Gene Autry mduval32323 2020-01-24
110 Across the Universe Lily & Madeleine - The Accidentals The Beatles sebcat 2020-01-24
111 Staring Each Other Down Willie Nelson Gary Stewart Clee J 2020-01-24
112 Staring Each Other Down Brenda Lee Gary Stewart Clee J 2020-01-24
113 Dancing in the Moonlight Jack Wagner Boffalongo DashBoardDJ856 2020-01-24
114 Too Many Nights Alone Brenda Lee Even Stevens Clee J 2020-01-24
115 La isla bonita Samantha Fox Madonna sebcat 2020-01-24
116 Too Many Nights Alone Bobby Bare Even Stevens Clee J 2020-01-24
117 Faded Hullabahoos SoulDecision sebcat 2020-01-24
118 This I Promise You Hullabahoos *NSYNC sebcat 2020-01-24
119 Ain't Too Proud to Beg Hullabahoos The Temptations [US1] sebcat 2020-01-24
120 Heart of the Matter Hullabahoos Don Henley sebcat 2020-01-24
121 All out of Love Hullabahoos Air Supply sebcat 2020-01-24
122 Summer of '69 Hullabahoos Bryan Adams sebcat 2020-01-24
123 If Tomorrow Never Comes Hullabahoos Garth Brooks sebcat 2020-01-24
124 Rock with You Hullabahoos Michael Jackson sebcat 2020-01-24
125 Abide with Me Kirsten Easdale Steve Porter mduval32323 2020-01-24
126 Prayin' for Daylight Hullabahoos Rascal Flatts sebcat 2020-01-24
127 Hanging by a Moment Hullabahoos Lifehouse sebcat 2020-01-24
128 Fjorten da'e Lotte Olsen The Beatles hounddogman 2020-01-24
129 Everything You Want Hullabahoos Vertical Horizon sebcat 2020-01-24
130 Aflagte Ann Lotte Olsen Fanny Brice, Lotte Olsen hounddogman 2020-01-24
131 Bright Blue Rose Kirsten Easdale Christy Moore mduval32323 2020-01-24
132 Let's Get It On Hullabahoos Marvin Gaye sebcat 2020-01-24
133 The Lord's Prayer Kirsten Easdale Written by [Traditional], Albert Hay Malotte mduval32323 2020-01-24
134 Pure Natural Love Ovations Nancy Wayne Clee J 2020-01-24
135 I Feel the Earth Move Olivia Ong Carole King sebcat 2020-01-24
136 Stars Olivia Ong Simply Red sebcat 2020-01-24
137 Pure, Natural Love Esther Phillips with Beck Nancy Wayne Clee J 2020-01-24
138 Luka Olivia Ong Suzanne Vega sebcat 2020-01-24
139 Pure and Natural Love Leslie Podkin Nancy Wayne Clee J 2020-01-24
140 Third Degree The Jeff Healey Band Eddie Boyd and His Chess Men DashBoardDJ856 2020-01-24
141 Ain't No Sunshine Olivia Ong Bill Withers sebcat 2020-01-24
142 Till I Can't Take It Anymore Nancy Wayne Ben E. King Clee J 2020-01-24
143 Here, There and Everywhere Olivia Ong The Beatles sebcat 2020-01-24
144 Carol of the Bagpipers Kirsten Easdale Written by mduval32323 2020-01-24
145 My Turn Amy Wooley Carroll Baker Clee J 2020-01-23
146 Back Door of Heaven Amy Wooley Nancy Wayne Clee J 2020-01-23
147 Never Can Say Goodbye Olivia Ong The Jackson 5 sebcat 2020-01-23
148 Have I Told You Lately Olivia Ong Van Morrison sebcat 2020-01-23
149 Lille dukke Sys Gregers med Ejvin Brecks orkester France Gall hounddogman 2020-01-23
150 I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) Olivia Ong Daryl Hall & John Oates sebcat 2020-01-23
151 La Paloma (Hvide due) Dario Campeotto med Ole Høyers orkester Sebastián Yradier, Dario Campeotto med Ole Høyers orkester hounddogman 2020-01-23
152 Endless Summer Nights Hullabahoos Richard Marx sebcat 2020-01-23
153 You Are Hullabahoos Lionel Richie sebcat 2020-01-23
154 Save the Last Dance for Me Hullabahoos The Drifters [US] sebcat 2020-01-23
155 Easy Lover Hullabahoos Philip Bailey with Phil Collins sebcat 2020-01-23
156 Your Song Hullabahoos Elton John sebcat 2020-01-23
157 Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car Hullabahoos Billy Ocean sebcat 2020-01-23
158 Cracker Jack Jewelry Loretta Lynn Brenda Lee Clee J 2020-01-23
159 Walking in Memphis Hullabahoos Marc Cohn sebcat 2020-01-23
160 Wide Open Spaces Hullabahoos Dixie Chicks sebcat 2020-01-23
161 I Want It That Way Hullabahoos Backstreet Boys sebcat 2020-01-23
162 When I Fall in Love Natalie Cole / Ruben Studdard Victor Young, Jeri Southern with Victor Young and His Orchestra sebcat 2020-01-23
163 Heart to Heart Kenny Loggins / Kenny G Kenny Loggins sebcat 2020-01-23
164 Take Me Back Brenda Lee Elton John Clee J 2020-01-23
165 Wind Beneath Wings Poul Rudi Roger Whittaker hounddogman 2020-01-23
166 Givin' It Up for Your Love Tamarak Jerry Williams Canary 2020-01-23
167 Hey Joe Bronco Bob The Leaves Canary 2020-01-23
168 She Caught the Katy Bronco Bob Taj Mahal Canary 2020-01-23
169 Take Me to the River Bronco Bob Al Green Canary 2020-01-23
170 Love and Happiness Bronco Bob Al Green Canary 2020-01-23
171 'Twas on a Night Like This Pete Seeger Pete Seeger mduval32323 2020-01-23
172 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Bronco Bob Bob Dylan Canary 2020-01-23
173 Givin' It Up for Your Love Bronco Bob Jerry Williams Canary 2020-01-23
174 'Twas on a Night Like This Cathy Barton, Dave Para and The Paton Family Pete Seeger mduval32323 2020-01-23
175 Play Me a Little Traveling Music Roy Clark Roy Drusky Clee J 2020-01-23
176 Crazy Hullabahoos Seal sebcat 2020-01-23
177 Det' min by Poul Rudi Tony Christie, Poul Rudi hounddogman 2020-01-23
178 The Way You Look Tonight R P Harrell Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Vocal refrain by Carmen Lombardo Canary 2020-01-23
179 Woke Up in Love R P Harrell Exile [US] Canary 2020-01-23
180 Vi ska' ha' det rart Poul Rudi Ray Stevens, Poul Rudi hounddogman 2020-01-23
181 It Was Almost Like a Song R P Harrell Ronnie Milsap Canary 2020-01-23
182 Lean on Me R P Harrell Bill Withers Canary 2020-01-23
183 Love Takes Two Roy Clark The Oak Ridge Boys Clee J 2020-01-23
184 Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me R P Harrell George Jones Canary 2020-01-23
185 All My Lovin' R P Harrell The Beatles Canary 2020-01-23
186 Glem dig selv for en dag Poul Rudi Joe South and The Believers, Poul Rudi hounddogman 2020-01-23
187 You Don't Know Me R P Harrell Eddy Arnold Canary 2020-01-23
188 Shine on R P Harrell Rascal Flatts Canary 2020-01-23
189 Farmand! Vent dog lidt på mig! Poul Rudi Daniel Boone hounddogman 2020-01-23
190 Daggryets finger Poul Rudi Poul Rudi hounddogman 2020-01-23
191 Givin' It Up for Your Love R P Harrell Jerry Williams Canary 2020-01-23
192 Syng en sang om sommer Poul Rudi Cliff Richard, Poul Rudi hounddogman 2020-01-23
193 I've Seen Better Days Sister Sledge George Jones & Tammy Wynette Clee J 2020-01-23
194 Jeg gør hvad jeg kan for Maria Poul Rudi Tony Christie hounddogman 2020-01-23
195 Bully of the Town Grady Martin and His Slew Foot Five Written by [Traditional] Will Moore 2020-01-23
196 San Antonio Rose Grady Martin and His Slew Foot Five Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Will Moore 2020-01-23
197 Another Dream Just Came True The Oak Ridge Boys The Kendalls Clee J 2020-01-23
198 Hjælp dig selv Poul Rudi Wilma Goich, Poul Rudi hounddogman 2020-01-23
199 Bully of the Town Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys Written by [Traditional] Will Moore 2020-01-23
200 He Was a Friend of Mine Nemesis Rising Rolf Cahn & Eric Von Schmidt Clee J 2020-01-23