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201 É Grupo Tom da Terra Gonzaguinha microtherion 2019-10-14
202 What Child Is This Guy Morris Written by William Chatterton Dix artsinspired 2019-10-14
203 God Rest You Guy Morris Meister Glee Singers artsinspired 2019-10-14
204 Away in a Manger Guy Morris Written by artsinspired 2019-10-14
205 We Three Kings Guy Morris Written by John Henry Hopkins Jr. artsinspired 2019-10-14
206 Not So Silent Night Guy Morris Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet artsinspired 2019-10-14
207 É Clara Becker Gonzaguinha microtherion 2019-10-14
208 Everything's All Right The Rayders The Mojos DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
209 I Feel Fine The Rayders The Beatles DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
210 Let It Be Me The Rayders Gilbert Bécaud, Jill Corey with Jimmy Carroll DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
211 What Have They Done to the Rain The Rayders Joan Baez DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
212 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right The Rayders Bob Dylan DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
213 Theme for Young Lovers The Rayders The Shadows DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
214 Tired of Waiting for You The Rayders The Kinks DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
215 One Boy Too Late The Rayders Ricky Nelson DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
216 Little Egypt The Rayders The Coasters DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
217 First Noel Guy Morris Tally-Ho! artsinspired 2019-10-14
218 O Come, Emmanuel Guy Morris Written by John Mason Neale artsinspired 2019-10-14
219 Iluminados Leila Pinheiro Ivan Lins microtherion 2019-10-14
220 Girl on the Billboard Bobby Denver Del Reeves Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
221 É Leila Pinheiro Gonzaguinha microtherion 2019-10-14
222 The Wishing Well (Down in the Well) Tom Gray Hank Snow Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
223 É Leny Andrade Gonzaguinha microtherion 2019-10-14
224 É Lee Ritenour Gonzaguinha microtherion 2019-10-14
225 Busted The Dream Merchants Burl Ives DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
226 I've Been Wrong Before The Dream Merchants Cilla Black DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
227 I'm a Rock The Dream Merchants Paul Simon DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
228 You Gave Me Somebody to Love The Dream Merchants The Dream Lovers DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
229 Hang On to a Dream The Dream Merchants Tim Hardin DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
230 Slow Down The Dream Merchants Larry Williams [US1] DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
231 10 Little Bottles Charlie Brown Johnny Bond Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
232 Least of All Tom Gray [US2] Sonny James Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
233 Happy House Bruce Cox Ornette Coleman DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
234 Orange Blossom Special Johnny Singer Russel Wise and Mr. White, Roy Hall and His Blue Ridge Entertainers Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
235 Like Someone in Love Bruce Cox Dinah Shore DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
236 Strode Rode Bruce Cox Sonny Rollins DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-14
237 A Tombstone Every Mile Bobby Denver Dick Curless Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
238 I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water Jack White [Hit] Stonewall Jackson Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
239 Walk Tall Ed Lucus Tom Tall Oldiesmann 2019-10-14
240 Brakeman's Blues Johnny Cash Jimmie Rodgers [US1] hounddogman 2019-10-14
241 Goodnight, Sweetheart Lois Costello New Mayfair Dance Orchestra SlimD 2019-10-13
242 Chili con carne No Strings a cappella The Real Group sebcat 2019-10-13
243 Close All the Honky Tonks Charlie Walker Buck Owens and His Buckaroos Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
244 Close All the Honky Tonks Jack Rogers Buck Owens and His Buckaroos Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
245 (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers Bob Denver Merle Haggard Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
246 Then and Only Then Jean Grey Bill Anderson Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
247 Do What You Do Do Well Johnny Singer Ned Miller Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
248 Flight Josh Young Karen Akers sebcat 2019-10-13
249 Get Down Dan Hill [ZA] Gilbert O'Sullivan sebcat 2019-10-13
250 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree Dan Hill [ZA] Dawn featuring Tony Orlando sebcat 2019-10-13
251 Maori Love Song Dan Hill [ZA] Double Vision [NZ] sebcat 2019-10-13
252 Beautiful Sunday Dan Hill [ZA] Daniel Boone sebcat 2019-10-13
253 Sunday Monday Tuesday Dan Hill [ZA] Alan Garrity sebcat 2019-10-13
254 Daniel Dan Hill [ZA] Elton John sebcat 2019-10-13
255 Kentucky Blues Dan Hill [ZA] Luminiza sebcat 2019-10-13
256 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress Dan Hill [ZA] The Hollies sebcat 2019-10-13
257 Crocodile Rock Dan Hill [ZA] Elton John sebcat 2019-10-13
258 I'm on Fire Dan Hill [ZA] Maria [ZA] sebcat 2019-10-13
259 You're So Vain Dan Hill [ZA] Carly Simon sebcat 2019-10-13
260 I Can See Clearly Now Dan Hill [ZA] Johnny Nash sebcat 2019-10-13
261 We Believe in Tomorrow Dan Hill [ZA] Written by Giuseppe Verdi, Temistocle Solera sebcat 2019-10-13
262 We Believe in Tomorrow Freddy Breck Freddy Breck sebcat 2019-10-13
263 Überall auf der Welt Freddy Breck Freddy Breck sebcat 2019-10-13
264 Multiply the Heartaches Jean and Bob Grey Kathy Dee Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
265 Shambala Dan Hill [ZA] B.W. Stevenson sebcat 2019-10-13
266 Clap Your Hands Dan Hill [ZA] Bonnie St. Claire and Unit Gloria sebcat 2019-10-13
267 Tchip Tchip Springbok Werner Thomas sebcat 2019-10-13
268 Haai Casanova Springbok Vicky Leandros, Glenys Lynne sebcat 2019-10-13
269 Haai Casanova Glenys Lynne Vicky Leandros, Glenys Lynne sebcat 2019-10-13
270 Joey Springbok Barbara Ray sebcat 2019-10-13
271 Cause I Believe In You Dave Howell Don Gibson Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
272 Emma Springbok Hot Chocolate sebcat 2019-10-13
273 Tchip Tchip Dan Hill [ZA] Werner Thomas sebcat 2019-10-13
274 Truck Driving Man Stan Hardin Terry Fell and The Fellers Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
275 Round Midnight Geri Allen Cootie Williams and His Orchestra DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
276 Bemsha Swing Geri Allen Thelonious Monk Trio DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
277 I'll Repossess My Heart Jean Grey Kitty Wells Oldiesmann 2019-10-13
278 Old Folks Geri Allen Trio Larry Clinton & His Orchestra DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
279 Lullaby of the Leaves Geri Allen Trio Connie Boswell DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
280 Tea for Two Geri Allen Trio Phyllis Cleveland and Jack Barker DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
281 A Beautiful Friendship Geri Allen Trio Ella Fitzgerald - Orchestra conducted by Buddy Bregman DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
282 Introspection / Thelonious Geri Allen Trio Thelonious Monk, The Thelonious Monk Sextet DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
283 If I Should Lose You Geri Allen Trio Gladys Swarthout & John Boles DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
284 Hooked on a Feeling Springbok B.J. Thomas sebcat 2019-10-13
285 Mocking Bird Springbok The Weavers, Inez Foxx with Charlie Foxx sebcat 2019-10-13
286 Jesus is the Only One Who Love's Us Billy Joe Shaver with John Anderson Bobby Bare DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
287 Get Thee Behind Me Satan Billy Joe Shaver with John Anderson Harriet Hilliard DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
288 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause Cross This Heart Jimmy Boyd accompanied by Norman Luboff artsinspired 2019-10-13
289 Let It Snow Cross This Heart Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra artsinspired 2019-10-13
290 Game of Thrones Theme Leo Ramin Djawadi DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
291 Old Town Road Leo Lil Nas X DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
292 The Sign Leo Ace of Base DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
293 Vogue Leo Madonna DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
294 In the Shadows Leo The Rasmus [FI] DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
295 Bad Guy Leo Billie Eilish DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
296 Our House Leo Madness DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
297 Livin' on a Prayer Leo Bon Jovi DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
298 Jolene Leo Dolly Parton DashBoardDJ856 2019-10-13
299 The Air That I Breathe Springbok Albert Hammond sebcat 2019-10-13
300 I Need a Little Love Springbok Lionel Petersen sebcat 2019-10-13