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701 Carroll County Accident Terry Gordon Porter Wagoner SlimD 2020-09-20
702 Cold Hard Facts of Life Terry Gordon Porter Wagoner SlimD 2020-09-20
703 Coloured Lad Terry Gordon Rex Dallas SlimD 2020-09-20
704 Sco-Lastic Jarmo Savolainen Peter Erskine DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
705 How I Love Them Old Songs Terry Gordon Carl Smith SlimD 2020-09-20
706 Jim Blake, Your Wife is Dying Arnold Keith Storm Vernon Dalhart mduval32323 2020-09-20
707 The Coloured Lad Slim Newton Rex Dallas SlimD 2020-09-20
708 Jim Blake Jean Ritchie Vernon Dalhart mduval32323 2020-09-20
709 The Brown Girl Frankie Armstrong Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
710 Holding Things Together Slim Newton Merle Haggard and The Strangers SlimD 2020-09-20
711 I Won't Be Home No More Slim Newton Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys SlimD 2020-09-20
712 Pick Me Up on Your Way Down Slim Newton Charlie Walker SlimD 2020-09-20
713 Camptown Races Steeleye Span Written by Stephen Foster mduval32323 2020-09-20
714 The Brown Girl Steeleye Span Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
715 The Brown Girl Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
716 Long Ago and Far Away Jarmo Savolainen Gene Kelly & Rita Hayworth [dubbed by Martha Mears] DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
717 80/81 Jarmo Savolainen Pat Metheny DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
718 Around the Clock Pearl Traylor with Howard McGhee Orch. Wynonie "(Mr. Blues)" Harris and Johnny Otis' All Stars SlimD 2020-09-20
719 I Courted a Damsel Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
720 80/81 Peo Alfonsi Pat Metheny DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
721 Seguir viviendo sin tu amor Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires Luis Alberto Spinetta casb 2020-09-20
722 Charming Beauty Bright Beverly Smith & Carl Jones Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
723 Fair Beauty Bright Kathy & Carol Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
724 The Most Fair Beauty Bright Jean Ritchie Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
725 The Wreck on the Highway Jean Ritchie Dixon Brothers mduval32323 2020-09-20
726 The Maple on the Hill Jean Ritchie Written by Gussie L. Davis mduval32323 2020-09-20
727 Bury Me Beneath the Willow Jean Ritchie Henry Whitter mduval32323 2020-09-20
728 The Little Rosebud Casket Jean Ritchie Ernest Thompson mduval32323 2020-09-20
729 The Poor and Rambling Boy Jean Ritchie Carolina Tar Heels mduval32323 2020-09-20
730 Quién será Rosa Gloria Chagoyán Nelson Pinedo con La Sonora Matancera Oliver One 2020-09-20
731 The Great Speckled Bird Jean Ritchie Vernon Dalhart, Roy Acuff and His Crazy Tennesseeans mduval32323 2020-09-20
732 La mucura Rosa Gloria Chagoyán Written by Antonio Fuentes Oliver One 2020-09-20
733 Precious Memories Jean Ritchie Turkey Mountain Singers mduval32323 2020-09-20
734 Two Little Children or The Orphan's Last Plea Jean Ritchie Ernest V. Stoneman and The Dixie Mountaineers mduval32323 2020-09-20
735 Every Day (I Thank You) Peo Alfonsi Pat Metheny DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
736 La mucura Antar Daly - Orq. Juan S. Garrido Written by Antonio Fuentes Oliver One 2020-09-20
737 The Two Orphans Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner Ernest V. Stoneman and The Dixie Mountaineers mduval32323 2020-09-20
738 Ray of Light Ulf Pettersson Curtiss Maldoon, Madonna DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
739 Come as You Are Ulf Pettersson Nirvana [US] DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
740 Two Orphans George Reneau Ernest V. Stoneman and The Dixie Mountaineers mduval32323 2020-09-20
741 Losing My Religion Ulf Pettersson R.E.M. DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
742 Two Orphans Elzie Floyd and Leo Boswell Ernest V. Stoneman and The Dixie Mountaineers mduval32323 2020-09-20
743 Karma Police Ulf Pettersson Radiohead DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
744 Wonderwall Ulf Pettersson Oasis DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
745 Angel Ulf Pettersson Sarah McLachlan DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
746 Clocks Ulf Pettersson Coldplay DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
747 Just Like Heaven Ulf Pettersson The Cure DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
748 Beautiful Day Ulf Pettersson U2 DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
749 Hallelujah Ulf Pettersson Leonard Cohen DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
750 Bittersweet Symphony Ulf Pettersson The Rolling Stones, The Andrew Oldham Orchestra DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
751 Lonesome Valley Elzie Floyd and Leo Boswell Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
752 Nellie Dare Elzie Floyd and Leo Boswell Riley Puckett mduval32323 2020-09-20
753 Nellie Dare and Charlie Brooks Vernon Dalhart Riley Puckett mduval32323 2020-09-20
754 Tribute To Fred McDowell Bonnie Raitt Mississippi Fred McDowell, Madlyn Davis and Her Hot Shots, Sleepy John Estes casb 2020-09-20
755 Please Send Me Someone to Love Luther Allison Percy Mayfield casb 2020-09-20
756 La mucura Luis Bordón - Solista de harpa Paraguaia Written by Antonio Fuentes Oliver One 2020-09-20
757 In the Streets of Laredo Bradley Kincaid Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
758 Open Stringspace Rhye artsinspired 2020-09-20
759 Ausencia Junior González Willie Colon - Canta Hector Lavoe Oliver One 2020-09-20
760 This Old Love Stringspace Lior artsinspired 2020-09-20
761 Fair Ellen Bradley Kincaid Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
762 Feel Like Makin' Love Stringspace Roberta Flack artsinspired 2020-09-20
763 Let's Stay Together Stringspace Al Green artsinspired 2020-09-20
764 You Take My Breath Away Stringspace Claire Hamill artsinspired 2020-09-20
765 People Help the People Stringspace Cherry Ghost artsinspired 2020-09-20
766 Stand by Me Stringspace Ben E. King artsinspired 2020-09-20
767 Moon River Stringspace Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus artsinspired 2020-09-20
768 River Stringspace Joni Mitchell artsinspired 2020-09-20
769 A Case of You Stringspace Joni Mitchell artsinspired 2020-09-20
770 Chameleon Stringspace Herbie Hancock artsinspired 2020-09-20
771 Take the 'A' Train Stringspace Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra artsinspired 2020-09-20
772 I've Got a Crush on You Stringspace Mary Hay and Clifton Webb artsinspired 2020-09-20
773 Have You Met Miss Jones? Stringspace Joy Hodges & Austin Marshall artsinspired 2020-09-20
774 Stardust Stringspace Hoagy Carmichael & His Pals artsinspired 2020-09-20
775 Caravan Stringspace Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators artsinspired 2020-09-20
776 Out of Nowhere Stringspace Bing Crosby artsinspired 2020-09-20
777 You Do Something to Me Stringspace William Gaxton & Genevieve Tobin artsinspired 2020-09-20
778 Manhattan Stringspace Sterling Holloway - June Cochran artsinspired 2020-09-20
779 Take Five Stringspace The Dave Brubeck Quartet artsinspired 2020-09-20
780 When You Wish upon a Star Stringspace Cliff Edwards with Victor Young and His Orchestra and The Ken Darby Singers artsinspired 2020-09-20
781 Someone to Watch over Me Stringspace Gertrude Lawrence artsinspired 2020-09-20
782 Moonglow Stringspace Valaida & Dee Lloyd McKaye artsinspired 2020-09-20
783 The Two Sisters Bradley Kincaid Written by [Traditional] mduval32323 2020-09-20
784 Get Away Old Man, Get Away Bradley Kincaid Frank Crumit - Frank Banta at the piano mduval32323 2020-09-20
785 Por que ya no me quieres Gonzalo Cortéz Pedro Vargas y orquesta Chucho Zarzosa Oliver One 2020-09-20
786 Change of Heart Peo Alfonsi Pat Metheny / Dave Holland / Roy Haynes DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
787 I'll Be Washed Carolina Tar Heels Ben Jarrell - Acc. by Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters, Carolina Tar Heels mduval32323 2020-09-20
788 Stairway to Heaven Dan Mylotte Led Zeppelin DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
789 One Love Dan Mylotte The Wailers DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
790 Wish You Were Here Dan Mylotte Pink Floyd DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
791 Message in a Bottle Dan Mylotte The Police DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
792 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Dan Mylotte U2 DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
793 Into the Mystic Dan Mylotte Van Morrison DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
794 Imagine Dan Mylotte John Lennon DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
795 You Can't Always Get What You Want Dan Mylotte The Rolling Stones DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
796 Changes Dan Mylotte David Bowie DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
797 Across the Universe Dan Mylotte The Beatles DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
798 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Dan Mylotte Bob Dylan DashBoardDJ856 2020-09-20
799 Old John Hardy Clarence Ashley Eva Davis mduval32323 2020-09-20
800 Stars in Your Eyes - Orchids in the Moonlight Bob Fleming (Moacyr Silva) Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Vocal Chorus Jimmy Brown, Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees Oliver One 2020-09-20