Independent jazz label from 1972 until 1996.

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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
MR 5009 Mark Murphy Bridging A Gap 1973 Vinyl
MR 5281 Kenny Burrell Groovin' High 1984 Vinyl
MR 5297 Mark Murphy Brazil Songs 1984 Vinyl
MCD 5377 Cecil Brooks III - Gary Thomas/Greg Osby/Geri Allen/Lonnie Plaxico The Collective 1990 CD
MCD 5432 Randy Johnston Walk On January 1991 CD

MCD 5xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
MCD 5122 Randy Johnston, Joey DeFrancesco, Eric Alexander, Mickey Roker In A-Chord 1995 CD
MCD 5324 Jimmy Ponder Mean Streets - No Bridges 1987 CD
MCD 5338 Woody Shaw Imagination 1987 CD
MCD 5350 Larry Coryell With Stanley Cowell, Buster Williams, Beaver Harris Toku Do 1987 CD
MCD 5355 Mark Murphy Arranged and Conducted by Bill Mays Beauty and the Beast 1987 CD
MCD 5363 Michele Hendricks Keepin' Me Satisfied 1988 CD
MCD 5369 James Spaulding Brilliant Corners 1989 CD
MCD 5372 Wallace Roney The Standard Bearer 1989 CD
MCD 5373 Ricky Ford, Roy Hargrove, Geoff Keezer, Bob Hurst, Jeff Watts Hard Groovin' 1989 CD
MCD 5374 Jack McDuff Another Real Good 'Un 1990 CD
MCD 5376 Houston Person, Ron Carter Something in Common 1990 CD
MCD 5387 Johnny Lytle Happy Ground 1990 CD
MCD 5390 00 1656 55390 2 2 Sheila Jordan Lost and Found 1990 CD
MCD 5394 Jimmy Ponder, Lonnie Smith, Greg Bandy, Geary Moore, Lawrence Killian To Reach a Dream 1991 CD
MCD 5404 Michele Hendricks Me and My Shadow 1990 CD
MCD 5414 Gloria Lynne No Detour Ahead 1992 CD
MCD 5417 Akio Sasajima, Harvie Swartz, Victor Lewis Time Remembered 1992 CD
MCD 5418 Buddy Tate, Nat Simkins, Houston Person Just Friends - The Tenors of Buddy Tate, Nat Simkins, Houston Person 1992 CD
MCD 5420 Lorez Alexandria, Houston Person, E. Rodney Jones, Stan Hope, Ray Drummond, Kenny Washington, Sammy Figueroa May I Come In 1992 CD
MCD 5425 Sandy Graham Sandy Graham 1992 CD
MCD 5433 Houston Person Why Not! 1992 CD
MCD 5441 Wallace Roney Seth Air 1992 CD
MCD 5450 Jay Hoggard The Fountain 1992 CD
MCD 5457 Lorez Alexandria I'll Never Stop Loving You 1992 CD
MCD 5462 Dakota Staton Darling Please Save Your Love for Me 1992 CD
MCD 5468 Sheila Jordan Heart Strings 1993 CD
MCD 5469 Antoine Roney The Traveler 1993 CD
MCD 5474 Etta Jones Reverse the Charges 1993 CD
MCD 5478 Ricky Ford Quintet Tenor Madness Too! 1994 CD
MCD 5480 Houston Person The Lion and His Pride 1994 CD
MCD 5482 Johnny Lytle Possum Grease 1994 CD
MCD 5493 Morgana King This Is Always 1994 CD
MCD 5495 Randy Johnston Jubilation 1994 CD
MCD 5502 Dakota Staton Isn't This a Lovely Day July 18, 1995 CD
MCD 5514 Jimmy Ponder Soul Eyes 1995 CD
MCD 5518 Wallace Roney, Geri Allen, Ron Carter, Antonio Hart, Kenny Washington Crunchin' 1995 CD
MCD 5520 Philip Harper The Thirteenth Moon 1995 CD
MCD 5524 Warren Vaché Horn of Plenty 1994 CD
MCD 5527 Jay Hoggard Love Is the Answer 1994 CD
MCD 5529 Pat Martino Interchange 1994 CD
MCD 5533 Wallace Roney Munchin' 1995 CD
MCD 5540 Teddy Edwards [1] & Houston Person Horn to Horn 1996 CD
MCD 5547 Warren Vaché Talk to Me Baby January 1996 CD
MCD 5567 Jimmy Ponder Something to Ponder 1996 CD

MR 5xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
MR 5001 James Moody Never Again! 1972 Vinyl
MR 5004 Jimmy Raney Strings and Swings 1972 Vinyl
MR 5007 Jaki Byard There'll Be Some Change Made 1973 Vinyl
MR 5010 The Cedar Walton Trio, Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan A Night at Boomers, Vol. 1 1973 Vinyl
MR 5016 Al Cohn & Zoot Sims Body and Soul 1973 Vinyl
MR 5018 Kenny Barron Sunset to Dawn 1973 Vinyl
MR 5019 Eric Kloss One, Two, Free 1972 Vinyl
MR 5020 James Moody Feelin' It Together 1974 Vinyl
MR 5023 Sonny Stitt The Champ 1974 Vinyl
MR 5026 Pat Martino Live! 1974 Vinyl
MR 5033 Bu Pleasant, Freddie Waits, Harold Vick, Mickey Bass, Atley Chapman, Ted Dunbar Ms. Bu 1974 Vinyl
MR 5034 Red Rodney Bird Lives! 1974 Vinyl
MR 5037 Phil Woods Musique Du Bois 1974 Vinyl
MR 5039 Pat Martino Consciousness 1975 Vinyl
MR 5041 Mark Murphy Mark II 1974 Vinyl
MR 5043 Eddie Jefferson, Joe Newman, Billy Mitchell, Mickey Tucker, Sam Jones [1], Eddie Gladden Things Are Getting Better 1974 Vinyl
MR 5046 Red Rodney with Sam Noto Superbop 1975 Vinyl
MR 5055 Lester Bowie Fast Last! 1974 Vinyl
MR 5061 Cecil Payne, Al Foster, Tom Harrel, Duke Jordan , Buster Williams Bird Gets the Worm 1976 Vinyl
MR 5067 Sonny Stitt Mellow 1975 Vinyl
MR 5075 Pat Martino with Richard Davis, Gil Goldstein, Billy Hart Exit 1976 Vinyl
MR 5077 Eric Kloss Bodies' Warmth 1975 Vinyl
MR 5078 Mark Murphy Mark Murphy Sings 1975 Vinyl
MR 5080 Buster Williams Pinnacle 1975 Vinyl
MR 5081 Lester Bowie Rope-a-Dope 1976 Vinyl
MR 5089 Sonny Criss Out of Nowhere 1976 Vinyl
MR 5090 Pat Martino We'll Be Together Again 1977 Vinyl
MR 5099 Etta Jones Ms. Jones to You 1976 Vinyl
MR 5108 David Schnitter Invitation 1976 Vinyl
MR 5110 Houston Person Stolen Sweets 1977 Vinyl
MR 5115 Richard Davis Harvest 1977 Vinyl
MR 5123 Hank Jones with George Duvivier and Ben Riley Bop Redux 1978 Vinyl
MR 5136 Houston Person, Cedar Walton, Buster Williams, Grady Tate, Buddy Caldwell The Big Horn 1978 Vinyl
MP 5140 Kenny Barron & Ted Dunbar In Tandem 1978 Vinyl
MR 5143 Jonathan Schwartz Alone Together - Jonathan Schwartz Sings Arthur Schwartz 1977 Vinyl
MR 5145 Etta Jones My Mother's Eyes 1977 Vinyl
MR 5146 Willis Jackson The Gator Horn 1978 Vinyl
MR 5154 Eddie Daniels Brief Encounter 1977 Vinyl
MR 5156 Charlie Earland Mama Roots 1978 Vinyl
MR 5159 Junior Cook, Bill Hardman, Slide Hampton, Walter Booker, Al Dailey, Mario Rivera, Leroy Williams Good Cookin' 1979 Vinyl
MR 5161 Houston Person Wildflower 1978 Vinyl
MR 5162 Willis Jackson Bar Wars 1978 Vinyl
MR 5163 Clifford Jordan The Adventurer 1978 Vinyl
MR 5165 Joe Chambers Double Exposure 1978 Vinyl
MR 5168 Dave Pike On a Gentle Note 1978 Vinyl
MR 5169 Hank Jones Groovin' High 1979 Vinyl
MR 5178 Houston Person The Nearness of You 1978 Vinyl
MR 5180 Richard Davis Way Out West 1979 Vinyl
MR 5182 Pepper Adams Reflectory 1979 Vinyl
MR 5183 Walter Bishop, Jr. Hot House 1979 Vinyl
MR 5186 Ron Escheté To Let You Know I Care 1979 Vinyl
MR 5192 Richie Cole Keeper of the Flame 1979 Vinyl
MR 5199 Houston Person Suspicions 1980 Vinyl
MR 5200 Willis & Von Lockin' Horns 1980 Vinyl
MR 5205 John Lee Hooker Sittin' Here Thinkin' 1979 Vinyl
MR 5215 Mark Murphy Satisfaction Guaranteed 1980 Vinyl
MR 5216 Kenny Burrell with Sherman Ferguson & Larry Gales Kenny Burrell Live at the Village Vanguard 1980 Vinyl
MR 5217 Eddie Jefferson The Live-liest 1979 Vinyl
MR 5218 Junior Cook, Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins, Buster Williams Something's Cookin' 1981 Vinyl
MR 5222 Dave Schnitter Glowing 1981 Vinyl
MR 5227 Ricky Ford Flying Colors 1980 Vinyl
MR 5231 Houston Person Very Personal 1981 Vinyl
MR 5237 Richie Cole With Phil Woods Side By Side 1981 Vinyl
MR 5241 Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell in New York 1981 Vinyl
MR 5245 Richie Cole Some Things Speak for Themselves 1981 Vinyl
MR 5246 Ron Escheté, Luther Hughes, John Perett Line-Up 1981 Vinyl
MR 5249 Buddy Tate Hard Blowin' 1981 Vinyl
MR 5253 Mark Murphy with Richie Cole Bop for Kerouac 1981 Vinyl
MR 5257 Morgana King Looking Through The Eyes Of Love 1981 Vinyl
MR 5258 Jon Hendricks & Company Love 1982 Vinyl
MR 5259 Bill Hardman Focus 1982 Vinyl
MR 5260 Houston Person Heavy Juice 1982 Vinyl
MR 5261 Dave Pike Moon Bird 1982 Vinyl
MR 5263 Linc Chamberland, David Friesen Yet to Come 1982 Vinyl
MR 5266 Tony Scott with Bill Evans, Jimmy Garrison, Pete LaRoca I'll Remember 1983 Vinyl
MR 5270 Richie Cole Alive! at the Village Vanguard 1982 Vinyl
MR 5286 Mark Murphy The Artistry of Mark Murphy 1982 Vinyl
MR 5289 Houston Person Always on My Mind 1985 Vinyl
MR 5296 Ricky Ford, Larry Coryell, Albert Dailey, Ray Drummond, Jimmy Cobb Future's Gold 1983 Vinyl
MR 5301 Morgana King Portraits 1983 Vinyl
MR 5303 Larry Coryell Comin' Home 1984 Vinyl
MR 5306 Bill Barron, Kenny Barron, Jimmy Owens, Ben Riley, Ray Drummond Variations in Blue 1984 Vinyl
MR 5308 Mark Murphy Mark Murphy Sings the Nat King Cole Songbook Volume One 1984 Vinyl
MR 5309 Bud Shank and The Rhythm Section of Ron Carter, Kenny Barron, Al Foster This Bud's for You... 1984 Vinyl
MR 5311 Red Garland featuring Leo Wright I Left My Heart... 1984 Vinyl
MR 5312 Earle Warren and the Count's Men Earle Warren and the Count's Men 1985 Vinyl
MR 5313 Pepper Adams and Frank Foster Generations 1985 Vinyl
MR 5314 Ricky Ford Shorter Ideas August 28, 1984 Vinyl
MR 5317 Kenny Burrell and Rufus Reid Ellington a la carte 1984 Vinyl
MR 5318 Woody Shaw Setting Standards 1985 Vinyl
MR 5325 Jonathan Schwartz Anyone Would Love You 1986 Vinyl
MR 5326 Morgana King Simply Eloquent 1986 Vinyl
MR 5339 Morgana King Another Time, Another Space 1987 Vinyl
MR 5345 Mark Murphy Living Room 1988 Vinyl
MR 5367 Akio with Joe Henderson Akio With Joe Henderson 1988 Vinyl