from 1952
Legendary Memphis, Tennessee, based label founded by Sam Phillips in 1952. Phillips sold the label to Shelby Singleton in 1969.

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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
6467 029 Jerry Lee Lewis Rockin' and Free July 1974 LP
NL 579 Jerry Lee Lewis Many Moods of Jerry Lee Lewis 1970 LP
NY 6 Jerry Lee Lewis Collectors Edition January 1974 LP

LP 12xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
LP 1220 Johnny Cash Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar October 1957 LP
LP 1225 Carl Perkins Dance Album of Carl Perkins 1958 LP
LP 1230 Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee Lewis [Sun] May 1958 LP
LP 1240 Johnny Cash Greatest! January 12, 1959 LP
LP 1245 Johnny Cash Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams and Other Favorite Tunes September 15, 1960 LP
LP 1260 Roy Orbison At the Rock House 1961 LP
LP 1265 Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee's Greatest ! December 1961 LP
LP 1270 Johnny Cash All Aboard the Blue Train November 15, 1962 LP
LP 1275 Johnny Cash Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash November 15, 1964 LP

SUN 1xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SUN 107 Jerry Lee Lewis Rockin' Rhythm & Blues November 1969 LP
SUN 110 Charlie Rich Lonely Weekeds December 1969 LP
SUN 112 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes 1969 LP
SUN 114 Jerry Lee Lewis A Taste of Country April 1970 LP
SUN 117 The Gentrys The Gentrys 1970 LP
SUN 121 Jerry Lee Lewis Ole Tyme Country Music July 1970 LP
SUN 122 Johnny Cash The Rough Cut King of Country Music October 1970 LP
SUN 123 Charlie Rich A Time for Tears 1971 LP
SUN 124 Jerry Lee Lewis "Monsters" July 1971 LP
SUN 125 Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis Sing Hank Williams October 1971 LP
SUN 130 Sleepy LaBeef The Bull's Night Out 1974 LP
SUN 132 Charlie Rich The Early Years 1974 LP
SUN 138 Sleepy LaBeef Western Gold 1976 LP
SUN 144 Orion Feelings 1981 LP

SUN 1xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SUN 1004 Sleepy LaBeef 1977 Rockabilly June 15, 1978 LP
SUN 1012 Orion Reborn 1979 LP
SUN 1017 Orion Sunrise 1979 LP
SUN 1018 various artists Trio + 1979 LP
SUN 1019 Orion Country 1980 LP
SUN 1021 Orion Rockabilly 1980 LP
SUN 1023 Willis - Carlan - Quinn Tin Roof 1980 LP
SUN 1025 Orion Glory 1980 LP
SUN 1037 Jason D. Williams Wild 1993 CD