An offshoot of the Aeolian Piano Company that started in 1917, this label was originally known as Aeolian-Vocalion, but the name was shortened to Vocalion in 1920. In 1925, the label was acquired by Brunswick Records. which, in turn was acquired in 1930 by Warner Brothers. In December, 1931, Warner Brothers leased both the Vocalion and Brunswick catalogs to the American Record Corporation (ARC). Columbia acquired ARC in 1938, and discontinued production of the leased Brunswick and Vocalion catalogs. This, in turn, resulted in the catalogs reverting to Warner Brothers,, which sold the rights to Decca. Decca was merged with other labels to create MCA, which know owns the rights to the pre-1931 Vocalion catalog.
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Scala-Record    Sub-label (1920-1927)

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