Low-priced US label produced for the Sears Roebuck retail chain. It was active from about 1926 to 1942. The audio fidelity of Conquerors is average for the era, pressed into somewhat below average shellac.


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
7047 Irving Kaufman Sunshine 1928 78rpm
7057 Frank Ferera's Hawaiians My Blue Ridge Mountain Queen 1928 78rpm
7124 Adrian Schubert's Salon Orchestra – Vocal Chorus Leroy Montesanto Girl of My Dreams 1928 78rpm
7163 Frankie Wallace and His Guitar Blue Yodel No. 1 1928 78rpm
7173 Vernon Dalhart and Carson J. Robison I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland 1928 78rpm
7181 The Radio Imps – Billy Jones and Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys) Ten Little Miles from Town – Anything You Say 1928 78rpm
7185 Lizzie Miles A Good Man Is Hard to Find April 1928 78rpm
7193 Rodman Lewis Old Man Sunshine (Little Boy Bluebird) 1928 78rpm
7227 Frank Luther That Big Rock-Candy Mountain 1929 78rpm
7232 Ted Wallace & His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus The Radio Imps I Got a Woman, Crazy for Me – She's Funny That Way 1928 78rpm
7251 The Pickard Family She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain 1929 78rpm
7307 The Rounders [US2] - Vocal Chorus Irving Kaufman When I'm Walkin' with My Sweetness down Among the Sugar-Cane 1929 78rpm
7323 Irving Kaufman A Precious Little Thing Called Love 1929 78rpm
7333 Fred Rich & His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Irving Kaufman I Get the Blues When It Rains 1929 78rpm
7397 Roy Smeck's Trio - Vocal Chorus Buddy Blue Pagan Love Song 1929 78rpm
7418 Sid Garry Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 1929 78rpm
7483 Roy Smeck's Trio - Vocal Refrain Buddy Blue I'm a Dreamer - Aren't We All? 1930 78rpm
7504 Argentine Marimba Players Lazy Lou'siana Moon 1930 78rpm
7510 The Clevelanders With You 1930 78rpm
7519 Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra - Paradise Club Orchestra Song of the Dawn - It Happened in Monterey 1930 78rpm
7590 Irving Kaufman Little White Lies 1930 78rpm
7689 Eddie Kirkeby Hello Beautiful 1931 78rpm
7692 Bob Haring & His Orch. You'll Be Mine in Apple Blossom Time 1931 78rpm
7696 William Robyn – Chick Bullock Something to Remember You By – Rockin' Chair 1931 78rpm
7698 Roy Smeck's Trio When It's Springtime in the Rockies April 1931 78rpm
7699 Harry Chrysler - Vocal Chorus William Robyn I'm Alone Because I Love You 1931 78rpm
7709 The Blind Soldier (David Miller) It's Hard to Be Shut Up in Prison 1931 78rpm
7729 Vernon Dalhart - The Pickard Family Oh Bury Me out on the Prairie - The Blind Boy's Lament April 1931 78rpm
7753 John White (The Lonesome Cowboy) Strawberry Roan 1931 78rpm
7779 Society Night Club Orch. – Andy Sanella & His Pennzoil Orch. For You – I Want You for Myself 1931 78rpm
7785 Chick Bullock Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1931 78rpm
7791 Roy Smeck's Trio When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver 1931 78rpm
7792 Roy Smeck's Trio - Vocal Chorus Buddy Blue Somewhere in Old Wyoming 1931 78rpm
7816 Majestic Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Helen Rowland Now That You're Gone 1931 78rpm
7821 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra Why Dance? 1931 78rpm
7823 Ruth Etting Love Letters in the Sand 1931 78rpm
7830 Wellings & McGhee Trio Don't Grieve Your Mother October 1931 78rpm
7841 Wellings & McGhee Trio Sweet Bunch of Daisies 1932 78rpm
7862 Vic Irwin & His Orch. – Vocal Chorus Paul Small Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries 1931 78rpm
7876 The Two Poor Boys John Henry Blues 1931 78rpm
7878 Roy Smeck's Trio When the Moon Comes over the Mountain 1931 78rpm
7881 Arkansas Woodchopper Just Plain Folks January 1932 78rpm
7885 Arkansas Woodchopper Old Pal 1932 78rpm
7892 Chubby Parker Bingo Was His Name 1932 78rpm
7910 Gene Autry and Jimmy Long My Old Pal of Yesterday February 1932 78rpm
7932 Morton Downey Just Friends 1932 78rpm
7950 Cal Chester's Mountaineers (Joe Green) That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine 1932 78rpm
7965 Asa Martin and James Roberts Darling Nellie Gray March 1932 78rpm
7976 Frankie and Johnny [US3] Red Wing 1931 78rpm
7984 Bradley Kincaid After the Ball 1932 78rpm
7997 Ruth Etting It Was So Beautiful 1932 78rpm


Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
8013 Cowboy Ed Crane Starving to Death on a Government Claim 1932 78rpm
8068 Asa Martin and James Roberts The Ship That Never Returned January 1933 78rpm
8073 Tex Ritter Everyday in the Saddle 1933 78rpm
8094 Gene Autry and Jimmy Long When It's Lamp Lightin' Time in the Valley August 1933 78rpm
8096 Gene Autry & Jimmy Long Gosh! I Miss You All the Time August 1933 78rpm
8120 Chick Bullock Just an Echo in the Valley 1933 78rpm
8136 Fiddling Doc Roberts Trio Wednesday Night Waltz June 1933 78rpm
8144 Tex Ritter A-Riding Old Paint July 1933 78rpm
8152 Gene Autry In the Valley of the Moon January 1934 78rpm
8154 Ruth Etting You've Got Me Crying Again 1933 78rpm
8157 George Goebel A Cowboy's Best Friend Is His Horse 1933 78rpm
8164 Linda Parker - Acc. by Cumberland Ridge Runners Take Me Back to Renfro Valley December 1933 78rpm
8165 Maple City Four Tell My Mother I'm in Heaven December 1933 78rpm
8170 Frank Luther Trio - Jimmy Tarlton and Tom Darby When I Take My Vacation in Heaven - Let's Be Friends Again December 1933 78rpm
8218 Harry Reser and His Eskimos Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 1933 78rpm
8295 Gene Autry Dear Old Western Skies February 1935 78rpm
8301 Maple City Four Beautiful Isle of Somewhere February 1935 78rpm
8304 Red Foley I Traced Her Little Footprints in the Snow February 1935 78rpm
8309 Skyland Scotty They Fit and Fit and Fit 1934 78rpm
8312 Hal O'Halloran A Perfect Day 1934 78rpm
8315 Lulu Belle (acc. by Rambling Red Foley) Daffy over Taffy February 1935 78rpm
8323 Wenatchee Mountaineers Listen to the Mocking Bird 1935 78rpm
8341 Martin & Rose (Asa Martin, Arthur Rose) My Homestead on the Farm 1934 78rpm
8401 Ray Whitley and Odis Elder Old Wishing Well 1934 78rpm
8409 Irving Conn and His Orchestra - Todd Rollins and His Orchestra The Very Thought of You - Sweetie Pie 1934 78rpm
8441 Smith Ballew and His Orchestra - Vincent Rose and His Orchestra Isle of Capri - On the Good Ship Lollipop 1935 78rpm
8498 Joshua White - The Singing Christian I Got a Home in That Rock April 1935 78rpm
8501 Homer Callahan Rattlesnake Daddy April 1935 78rpm
8529 The Carter Family Glory to the Lamb July 1935 78rpm
8536 Prairie Ramblers When I Grow Too Old to Dream August 1935 78rpm
8539 Carter Family Let's Be Lovers Again July 1935 78rpm
8566 Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Trio In the Shadow of the Pines October 1935 78rpm
8568 Mac and Bob (McFarland and Gardner) Keep a Light in Your Window Tonight October 1935 78rpm
8576 Prairie Ramblers The Oregon Trail December 1935 78rpm
8577 Big Bill Let Her Go - She Don't Know 1935 78rpm
8578 Buddy Moss New Lovin' Blues 1935 78rpm
8592 Hoosier Hot Shots I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Baby) 1935 78rpm
8594 Lulu Belle and Scotty Get Along Home Cindy December 1935 78rpm
8596 Jimmie and Eddie Dean The Oregon Trail December 1935 78rpm
8603 Happy Valley Family Shake Hands with Mother Again December 1935 78rpm
8612 Jimmy Carr and His Orchestra A Little Bit Independent (But Easy on the Eyes) 1936 78rpm
8629 Gene Autry Mexicali Rose 1936 78rpm
8643 Carter Family Kissing Is a Crime March 1936 78rpm
8644 Carter Family Sinking in the Lonesome Sea March 1936 78rpm
8660 Karl Davis (of The Cumberland Ridge Runners) I'm S-A-V-E-D June 1936 78rpm
8661 Hoosier Hot Shots At the Darktown Strutters' Ball 1936 78rpm
8663 Happy Valley Family The Royal Telephone May 1936 78rpm
8672 Big Bill Bricks in My Pillow 1936 78rpm
8697 Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra A Star Fell out of Heaven October 1936 78rpm
8706 Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees A Fine Romance October 1936 78rpm
8710 Prairie Ramblers I'm Looking For the Bully of the Town November 1936 78rpm
8712 Prairie Ramblers What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul? September 1936 78rpm
8726 Prairie Ramblers How Beautiful Heaven Must Be November 1936 78rpm
8735 Carter Family Sad and Lonesome Day December 1936 78rpm
8740 Roy Acuff and His Crazy Tennesseans Great Speckle Bird January 1937 78rpm
8747 The Hilltoppers (Tom, Don and Ernie) Mountain Boy 1937 78rpm
8748 Doc Hopkins The Pal That Is Always True August 1937 78rpm
8765 Arnett Nelson Oh, Red! 1937 78rpm
8777 Big Bill Black Mare Blues 1937 78rpm
8782 Crowder Brothers New Maple on the Hill 1937 78rpm
8810 Hoosier Hot Shots When You Wore a Tulip (And I Wore a Big Red Rose) 1937 78rpm
8811 Prairie Ramblers There's No Disappointment in Heaven July 1937 78rpm
8837 The Chuck Wagon Gang Standing Outside August 1937 78rpm
8839 Al Clauser and His Oklahoma Outlaws I'm Ridin' Down the Trail to Albuquerque May 1937 78rpm
8909 Bert Block and His Bell Music - Chick Bullock and His Orchestra Vieni, Vieni - The Moon Got in My Eyes 1937 78rpm
8914 Big Bill Louise Louise Blues 1937 78rpm
8975 Prairie Ramblers By the Grave of Nobody's Darling (My Darling's Promise) April 1938 78rpm
8981 Patsy Montana Little Sweetheart of the Ozarks April 1938 78rpm


Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
9043 Al Donahue and His Orchestra At Long Last Love 1938 78rpm
9055 The Champagne Music of Lawrence Welk - Vocal Chorus Lois Best There's a Faraway Look in Your Eye 1938 78rpm
9058 Gene Autry Ride Tenderfoot Ride 1938 78rpm
9125 Coon Creek Girls Banjo Pickin' Girl December 1938 78rpm
9189 Lulu Belle & Scotty Wish I Was a Single Girl Again April 1939 78rpm
9223 Callahan Brothers Lonesome Freight Train Blues May 1939 78rpm
9285 Mitchell's Christian Singers Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham 1939 78rpm
9291 Del Courtney and His Orchestra The Lamp Is Low 1939 78rpm
9293 Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers The Man with the Mandolin 1939 78rpm
9305 Gene Autry South of the Border October 1939 78rpm
9363 Bonnie Blue Eyes - Bob Atcher Seven Years With the Wrong Man - I'm Not Comin' Home Tonight July 1940 78rpm
9404 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys Ida Red September 1940 78rpm
9413 Louise Massey and The Westerners Put Your Little Foot Right Out September 1940 78rpm
9463 Chick Bullock accompanied by His Orchestra When You Wish upon a Star 1940 78rpm
9493 Jack Jenney and His Orchestra Stardust 1940 78rpm
9568 The Carter Family Little Poplar Log House on the Hill October 1940 78rpm
9570 The Carter Family Buddies in the Saddle October 1940 78rpm
9572 The Carter Family There'll Be No Distinction There October 1940 78rpm
9574 The Carter Family Black Jack David October 1940 78rpm
9615 Gene Krupa and His Orchestra High on a Windy Hill 1941 78rpm
9689 Karl & Harty I Heard the Wicked Pray April 1941 78rpm
9785 Chick Bullock & His Orchestra It Had to Be You 1941 78rpm
9802 Gene Autry Under Fiesta Stars October 1941 78rpm
9823 Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Got a Letter from My Kid Today November 1941 78rpm
9846 Hank Penny and His Radio Cowboys Blue Ridge Blues November 1941 78rpm