United States
from 1916 to 1952
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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
3017 Tremaine Brothers Let Me Linger Longer in Your Arms 1925 78rpm
3018 Jack Kaufman – Tremaine Brothers Yearning – Oh How I Miss You Tonight 1925 78rpm
3039 Willie Creager & His Orchestra - Bailey's Lucky Seven Indian Love Call - Alabamy Bound 1925 78rpm
3048 Josephine Beatty - Kitty Irvin Everybody Loves My Baby - Copenhagen June 1925 78rpm
3053 Tremaine Brothers Ukulele Lady 1925 78rpm
3058 Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra Mandy Make Up Your Mind 1925 78rpm
3066 Hitch's Happy Harmonists under direction & accompanied by Hoagy Carmichael Wash Board Blues August 1925 78rpm
3071 Tremaine Brothers Save Your Sorrow 1925 78rpm
3083 Original Indiana Five Say Arabella September 1925 78rpm
3086 "Piggy" Jones & His Orch. - Bailey's Lucky Seven I Miss My Swiss Miss (My Swiss Miss Misses Me) - Row! Row! Rosie! August 1925 78rpm
3099 The Travis Carlton Orch. – The Vagabonds Headin' for Home – I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston 1925 78rpm
3102 Razaf (The Melody Man with His Banjo Uke) Cecelia October 1925 78rpm
3106 Original Indiana Five - Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra Croonin' a Tune / I Wonder Where We've Met Before? October 1925 78rpm
3108 Happy Lawson Anytime 1925 78rpm
3115 "Piggy" Jones & His Orch. I'm Knee Deep in Daisies (And Head over Heels in Love) August 1925 78rpm
3122 The Happy Collegians Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue? October 1925 78rpm
3130 Jack Kaufman You Gotta Know How October 1925 78rpm
3143 Vernon Dalhart Jesse James November 1925 78rpm
3152 Dock Roberts & Edgar Boaz Dixie ('Way Down South in Dixie) December 1925 78rpm
3162 Dock Roberts & Edgar Boaz All I've Got Is Done Gone January 1926 78rpm
3174 Miami Lucky Seven Slippery Elm January 1926 78rpm
3191 Bailey's Lucky Seven I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight February 1926 78rpm
3214 The College Four Freshie January 1926 78rpm
3216 Bailey's Lucky Seven Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again 1926 78rpm
3228 Welby Toomey Wild Bill Jones January 1926 78rpm
3233 Bailey's Lucky Seven - The Stillman Club Orch. Sweet Child – Where Were You Then? February 1926 78rpm
3235 Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Billy in the Low Grounds March 1926 78rpm
3243 Bailey's Lucky Seven - Vocal Chorus Tremaine Bros. Dinah 1926 78rpm
3255 Fiddlin' Sam Long of the Ozarks Sandy Land April 1926 78rpm
3259 Jelly Roll Morton's Incomparables – "Fess" Williams & His Royal Flush Orch. Mr. Jelly Lord – Wimmin Aah! April 1926 78rpm
3284 Fiddlin' Sam Long of the Ozarks Seneca Square Dance May 1926 78rpm
3291 Duke Ellington & His Orch. (You've Got Those) "Wanna Go Back Again" Blues 1926 78rpm
3307 Caroline Johnson - "Fats" Waller at the Piano Ain't Got Nobody to Grind Ma Coffee July 1926 78rpm
3331 Joe Candullo and His Everglades Orchestra That's Why I Love You August 1926 78rpm
3338 Tremaine Bros. – Charles Hart Sleepy Head – My Dream of the Big Parade 1926 78rpm
3347 Vaughn De Leath How Many Times August 1926 78rpm
3368 Ernest Stoneman The Girl I Left Behind in Sunny Tennessee 1926 78rpm
3377 Willie Creager & His Orch. - Harry Pollock's Club Maurice Diamonds Stars (Are the Windows of Heaven) – Alabama Stomp November 1926 78rpm
3382 The Radio Franks Pretty Cinderella November 1926 78rpm
3384 Johnny Silvester & His Orch. – Fred Rich & His Times Square Orch. No One but You (Knows How to Love) – Don't Forget November 1926 78rpm
3385 Joe Candullo & His Everglades Orch. In a Little Garden November 1926 78rpm
3401 Harry Pollock & His Club Maurice Diamonds Half a Moon 1926 78rpm
3405 Willie Creager's Rhythm Aces - Joe Candullo & His Everglades Orch. Hello Bluebird - Tomboy Sue November 1926 78rpm
3409 Felix Ferdinando & Orch. My Baby Knows How December 1926 78rpm

4500 - 7350

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
4506 Vernon Dalhart - Chas. Hart Till We Meet Again - Magic of Your Eyes March 1919 78rpm
4513 Ernest Hare Saint Louis Blues 1919 78rpm
4549 Fred Hillebrand - Irving Kaufman Mandy - Everybody's Crazy over Dixie 1919 78rpm
4678 Yerkes' Dance Orchestra – Lanin's Roseland Orch. Answer (Saying That You Love Me) – Make Believe 1921 78rpm
4683 Billy Jones - Charles Harrison I'm Gonna Do It if I Like It - Blue Jeans April 1921 78rpm
4712 Daisy Martin accompanied by Her Five Jazz Bell Hops Royal Garden Blues June 1921 78rpm
4714 Natzy and His Biltmore Orchestra Moonlight June 1921 78rpm
4731 Flo Bert All by Myself 1921 78rpm
4747 Sam Moore - Piano Acc. Frank Banta Laughing Rag September 1921 78rpm
4762 Ladd's Black Aces Aunt Hagar's Children Blues 1921 78rpm
4772 Sam Ash When the Honeymoon Was Over November 1921 78rpm
4774 Arthur Fields Yoo Hoo December 1921 78rpm
4790 Criterion Quartette In the Sweet Bye and Bye 1921 78rpm
4793 Bennie Krueger's Orch. I've Got the Joys January 1922 78rpm
4794 Ladd's Black Aces Gypsy Blues January 1922 78rpm
4801 Eliza Christmas Lee and Her Jazz Band I Ain't Givin' Nothin' Away January 1922 78rpm
4815 Bailey's Lucky Seven I've Got My Habits On February 1922 78rpm
4846 Lieutenant Matt's Orchestra Say Persianna Say 1922 78rpm
4869 Ladd's Black Aces Black Eyed Blues 1922 78rpm
4872 Bailey's Lucky Seven Do It Again 1922 78rpm
4881 Excelsior Quartette Jelly Roll Blues 1922 78rpm
4887 Bailey's Lucky Seven Kicky-Koo 1922 78rpm
4888 Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra Swanee Bluebird 1922 78rpm
4905 Arthur Fields - Vaughn De Leath Why Should I Cry Over You – I'm Just Wild About Harry 1922 78rpm
4907 Sam Ash - Vaughn De Leath Stumbling - Nobody Lied 1922 78rpm
4908 Bailey's Lucky Seven - Joe Samuels and His Master Players Dancing Fool – Rose of Bombay 1922 78rpm
4933 Joe Samuels and His Master Players - Bailey's Lucky Seven Tricks - Chicago November 1922 78rpm
4935 Bailey's Lucky Seven - Joe Samuels and His Master Players Hot Lips - Rosa November 1922 78rpm
4938 Ladd's Black Aces I Wish That I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate 1922 78rpm
4966 Friars Society Orchestra Oriental 1922 78rpm
4967 Friars Society Orchestra Discontented Blues 1922 78rpm
4968 Friar's Society Orchestra Panama December 1922 78rpm
4970 Criterion Quartette Nearer My God to Thee November 1922 78rpm
4978 Reser Trio Lovin' Sam (The Sheik of Alabam') December 1922 78rpm
4979 Bailey's Lucky Seven Carolina in the Morning 1922 78rpm
4991 Taylor Trio O jule träd December 1922 78rpm
5004 Bailey's Lucky Seven Bee's Knees February 1923 78rpm
5009 Husk O'Hare's Super Orch. of Chicago – Friar's Society Orchestra San – Eccentric February 1923 78rpm
5011 Cal Smith's American Orch. Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil 1922 78rpm
5023 Ladd's Black Aces Aggravatin' Papa 1923 78rpm
5038 F. Ferera's Hawaiian Quartette After Every Party 1923 78rpm
5056 Ernest Hare Carolina in the Morning 1923 78rpm
5060 Ted Claire Snappy Bits Band – Mandy Lee and Ladd's Black Aces Laughin' Cryin' Blues – Aggravatin' Papa 1923 78rpm
5069 Irving Kaufman - Charles Hart You Know You Belong to Somebody Else - Out Where the Blue Begins 1923 78rpm
5070 Wm. B. Houchens Dance wid' a Gal, Hole in 'Er Stocking - Leather Breeches - Big Eared Mule June 1923 78rpm
5075 Ladd's Black Aces Sugar Blues 1923 78rpm
5089 Asher and Rodeheaver (Homer Rodeheaver, Virginia Asher) There's No Disappointment in Heaven June 1923 78rpm
5102 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Wolverine Blues 1923 78rpm
5104 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Sweet Lovin' Man 1923 78rpm
5105 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Tin Roof Blues 1923 78rpm
5106 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Shimmeshawabble 1923 78rpm
5108 Viola McCoy - Piano Acc., Porter Grainger If You Want to Keep Your Daddy Home 1923 78rpm
5110 Bailey's Lucky Seven Snake Hips April 1923 78rpm
5111 Murphy and Shea - Billy Reynolds Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Tennessee - I Got It (The Fidg-Et-Ty Fidge) April 1923 78rpm
5125 Mandy Lee and Ladd's Black Aces I'm a Harmony Baby July 1923 78rpm
5126 Lewis James - Billy Jones Faded Love Letters - Who's Sorry Now April 1923 78rpm
5127 Ladd's Black Aces Papa Blues July 1923 78rpm
5128 Viola McCoy - Piano Acc., Porter Grainger Midnight Blues 1923 78rpm
5132 King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Dipper Mouth Blues July 1923 78rpm
5133 King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Just Gone June 1923 78rpm
5134 King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Mandy Lee Blues July 1923 78rpm
5135 King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Froggie Moore June 1923 78rpm
5137 Harold Leonard and His Red Jackets China Boy (Go Sleep) 1923 78rpm
5142 Mandy Lee and Ladd's Black Aces 'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness if I Do August 1923 78rpm
5150 Ladd's Black Aces Long Lost Mama (Daddy Misses You) 1923 78rpm
5152 Irving Kaufman - Irving and Jack Kaufman I Love Me (I'm Wild About Myself) - Barney Google 1923 78rpm
5153 Bailey's Lucky Seven Down by the River July 1923 78rpm
5157 Original Memphis Melody Boys There's No Gal Like My Gal August 1923 78rpm
5167 Howard Lanin's Arcadia Orchestra I Cried for You 1923 78rpm
5174 Richard M. Jones Jazzin' Babies' Blues September 1923 78rpm
5175 Viola McCoy - Piano Acc., Porter Grainger Long Lost Mama 1923 78rpm
5184 Art Landry's Syncopatin' Six - King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Choo Choo Blues - Snake Rag September 1923 78rpm
5189 Art Landry and His Call of the North Orchestra I've Been a Fool 1923 78rpm
5213 Irving Kaufman When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In 1923 78rpm
5217 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Milenberg Joys 1923 78rpm
5218 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Grandpa's Spells 1923 78rpm
5219 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Sobbin' Blues 1923 78rpm
5220 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Mr. Jelly Lord 1923 78rpm
5221 New Orleans Rhythm Kings London Blues December 1923 78rpm
5234 Edna Hicks Tin Roof Blues November 1923 78rpm
5251 Porter's Blue Devils Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes December 1923 78rpm
5261 Josie Miles - Piano Acc., Stanley Miller Baby's Got the Blues 1923 78rpm
5274 King Oliver and His Creole Jazz Band Krooked Blues December 1923 78rpm
5289 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Wolverine Blues December 1923 78rpm
5292 Josie Miles with Piano Acc. Graveyard Dream Blues January 1924 78rpm
5300 Bailey's Lucky Seven Linger Awhile January 1924 78rpm
5323 Sol Wagner and His Orch. - Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Dream Daddy - The Pearls January 1924 78rpm
5346 Tiny Franklin - Piano Acc. George Thomas Houston Blues 1924 78rpm
5376 Naylor's Seven Aces I've Got a Cross Eyed Papa (But He Looks Straight to Me) 1924 78rpm
5397 Maureen Englin Mindin' My Business 1924 78rpm
5405 The Bucktown Five Someday, Sweetheart March 1924 78rpm
5407 Bailey's Lucky Seven – The Broadway Players Lazy – I Must Have Company 1924 78rpm
5417 Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians Cotton Pickers Ball April 1924 78rpm
5418 The Bucktown Five Chicago Blues April 1924 78rpm
5422 Ladd's Black Aces Unfortunate Blues 1924 78rpm
5433 Bailey's Lucky Seven After the Storm 1924 78rpm
5434 Shaun O'Farrell When Shall the Day Dawn in Erin 1924 78rpm
5447 The Vagabonds [US2] Jealous July 1924 78rpm
5453 Wolverine Orchestra Oh Baby May 1924 78rpm
5454 Wolverine Orchestra Riverboat Shuffle 1924 78rpm
5466 Bernie Cummins and His Orchestra When 1924 78rpm
5473 Miami Lucky Seven Red Hot Mama August 1924 78rpm
5486 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Perfect Rag 1924 78rpm
5494 Windy City Jazzers Hard Hearted Hannah September 1924 78rpm
5515 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Bucktown Blues September 1924 78rpm
5542 Wolverine Orchestra Sensation October 1924 78rpm
5552 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Jelly Roll Blues November 1924 78rpm
5565 Wolverine Orchestra Tia Juana 1924 78rpm
5569 Sioux City Six - Under direction of Frank Trumbauer I'm Glad December 1924 78rpm
5585 Miami Lucky Seven Blackin' Blues December 1924 78rpm
5590 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Shreveport Stomps December 1924 78rpm
5594 Josephine Beatty (Alberta Hunter) Everybody Loves My Baby December 1924 78rpm
5601 Tremaine Brothers All Alone 1925 78rpm
5607 Red Onion Jazz Babies Terrible Blues January 1925 78rpm
5608 Perley Breed's Shepard Colonial Orch. Tell Me Dreamy Eyes February 1925 78rpm
5614 Whistler acc. by His Jug Band Jail House Blues 1925 78rpm
5620 Wolverine Orch. Prince of Wails 1925 78rpm
5626 Josephine Beatty acc. by Red Onion Jazz Babies Nobody Knows the Way I Feel Dis Mornin' February 1925 78rpm
5627 Red Onion Jazz Babies Cake Walking Babies (From Home) February 1925 78rpm
5632 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton Tia Juana (Tee Wana) March 1925 78rpm
5648 Bailey's Lucky Seven - Nathan Glantz Alabamy Bound - I Found a Way to Love You 1925 78rpm
5669 Arthur Hall Honest and Truly 1925 78rpm
5677 Bailey's Lucky Seven – Harry Reser's Orch. No Wonder – Cheatin' On Me 1925 78rpm
5697 John Hammond [US2] Little Birdie June 1925 78rpm
5719 Homer Davenport & Young Brothers Hy Patillion July 1925 78rpm
6005 Welby Toomey The Death of John Henry January 1927 78rpm
6009 Willie Creager's Rhythm Aces - Joe Candullo & His Everglades Orch. Here or There (As Long as I'm with You) – Lonely Eyes January 1927 78rpm
6010 Jack Kaufman Where Do You Work-a John? January 1927 78rpm
6025 Welby Toomey - Dock Roberts Little Brown Jug - In the Shadow of the Pine February 1927 78rpm
6026 Harry Pollock's Blue Diamonds - Johnny Sylvester & His Playmates There Ain't No Maybe in My Baby's Eyes - A Blues Serenade 1927 78rpm
6035 Peerless Quartet When I First Met Mary April 1927 78rpm
6037 Felix Ferdinando & Orch. – Lou Gold with the Melody Men Blue Skies – Forgive Me March 1927 78rpm
6038 Arabian Knights - Vocal Chorus by Arthur Hall The Sphinx March 1927 78rpm
6040 Dolores Valesco I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me 1927 78rpm
6045 Jelly James and His Fewsicians Make Me Know It March 1927 78rpm
6050 Moe Thompson If I Didn't Know Your Husband (And You Didn't Know My Wife) March 1927 78rpm
6065 Ernest Stoneman When the Roses Bloom Again April 1927 78rpm
6067 Harry Pollock's Blue Diamonds I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now 1927 78rpm
6068 Lou Gold with The Melody Man Ain't She Sweet April 1927 78rpm
6097 Chubby Parker Oh Suzzana May 1927 78rpm
6102 Walter C. Peterson Red Wing - My Little Girl - Turkey in the Straw May 1927 78rpm
6115 Haring's Happy Harmonizers Oh Lizzie June 1927 78rpm
6143 Ben Jarrell - Acc. by Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters Merry Girl July 1927 78rpm
6154 Price Goodson - Acc. by Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters Be Kind to a Man When He Is Down August 1927 78rpm
6162 Les Backer Rain 1927 78rpm
6164 Ben Jarrell - Acc. by Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters I Know My Name Is There August 1927 78rpm
6165 Frank Jenkins of Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters Home Sweet Home August 1927 78rpm
6172 The California Vagabonds Yes She Do (No She Don't) September 1927 78rpm
6173 Elliott Stewart When Day Is Done September 1927 78rpm
6175 David Miller The Lonesome Valley September 1927 78rpm
6176 Ben Jarrell - Acc. by Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters When You Ask a Girl to Leave Her Happy Home August 1927 78rpm
6184 Tom Gates & His Orchestra The Bucket's Got a Hole in it 1927 78rpm
6188 David Miller Two Little Orphans September 1927 78rpm
6192 Ruth Donaldson & Helen Jepsen I Saw My Mother Kneeling September 1927 78rpm
6210 Black Birds of Paradise [US1] Bugahoma Blues October 1927 78rpm
6211 Black Birds of Paradise – Vocal Chorus, Willie Howard Muddy Water October 1927 78rpm
6220 Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters - Called by Ben Jarrell Richmond Cotillion October 1927 78rpm
6223 Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters - Frank Jenkins of Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters Old Joe Clark - Roving Cowboy October 1927 78rpm
6240 Marion Underwood - Da Costa Woltz‘s Southern Broadcasters Coal Creek March - Evening Star Waltz November 1927 78rpm
6241 Ruth Donaldson and Helen Jepsen Glory to God He's Come Home 1927 78rpm
6256 John Hammond [US2] Little Birdie November 1927 78rpm
6280 Johnny Ringer & His Rosemont Ballroom Orch. Gold-Digger 1927 78rpm
6287 Chubby Parker Uncle Ned December 1927 78rpm
6295 Emil Seidel and His Orch. The Best Things in Life Are Free 1927 78rpm
6297 Elliott Stewart Are You Lonesome Tonight 1927 78rpm
6304 G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter Nobody's Darling 1927 78rpm
6306 Ollis Martin Police and High Sheriff Come Ridin' Down 1927 78rpm
6307 Sam Collins Midnight Special Blues 1927 78rpm
6309 Emil Seidel and His Orch. Countin' the Days March 1928 78rpm
6311 Hoagy Carmichael & His Pals One Night in Havana January 1928 78rpm
6319 Chubby Parker My Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim January 1928 78rpm
6329 Grace Wilson Got No Time February 1928 78rpm
6334 John McGhee and Frank Welling He Keeps Me Singing September 1, 1928 78rpm
6373 G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter I'll Never Be Yours 1928 78rpm
6379 Sam Collins It Won't Be Long 1928 78rpm
6386 Arthur Ball Laugh Clown Laugh 1928 78rpm
6394 Pace Quartet Witness for My Lord 1928 78rpm
6437 Louis Kaufman Dream Kisses June 1928 78rpm
6440 Vic Price and His Orch. I'm More Than Satisfied May 1928 78rpm
6449 Miles, Cranford and Thompson - Acc. by Paul Miles and His Red Fox Chasers We Shall Meet on That Beautiful Shore June 1928 78rpm
6461 Paul Miles and His Red Fox Chasers Under the Double Eagle July 1928 78rpm
6466 McDonald Quartette Rocking on the Waves 1928 78rpm
6474 Carmichael's Collegians March of the Hoodlums July 1928 78rpm
6479 John McGhee Bill Bailey, Ain't That a Shame July 1928 78rpm
6480 Ted Chesnut with Fiddlin' by Doc Roberts My Mother Was a Lady July 1928 78rpm
6506 The New Yorkers [Carl Fenton] You're a Real Sweetheart 1928 78rpm
6513 Ted Chestnut with Fiddlin' by Doc Roberts The Death of J. B. Marcum 1928 78rpm
6516 Paul Miles and His Red Fox Chasers The Arkansaw Traveler August 1928 78rpm
6528 Manhattan Male Quartet - Billy Jones and Ernest Hare Sidewalks of New York - When You Wore a Tulip 1928 78rpm
6547 Paul Miles and His Red Fox Chasers Weeping Willow Tree September 1928 78rpm
6556 Van and His Orchestra Ten Little Miles from Town October 1928 78rpm
6567 Virginia Mountain Boomers - Herbert Sweet Ramblin' Reckless Hobo - Prisoner's Lament October 1928 78rpm
6568 Paul Miles & His Red Fox Chasers Mississippi Sawyer 1928 78rpm
6569 State Street Ramblers How Would You Like to Be Me October 1928 78rpm
6576 Irving Kaufman Take Your Tomorrow (And Give Me Today) 1928 78rpm
6602 Thompson, Cranford & Miles of The Red Fox Chasers Tell Mother I'll Meet Her November 1928 78rpm
6607 Lottie Kimbrough - Winston Holmes Lost Lover Blues 1928 78rpm
6608 Bryant's Jubilee Quartet Who Stole de Lock Off de Henhouse Door 1928 78rpm
6619 Justin Winfield (Virginia Mountain Boomers) The New River Train 1928 78rpm
6620 Virginia Mountain Boomers Somebody's Waiting for Me 1928 78rpm
6624 Lottie Kimbrough Going Away Blues 1928 78rpm
6636 Cranford and Thompson - Acc. by The Red Fox Chasers Mountain Sweetheart December 1928 78rpm
6638 Ted Chesnut By the Silvery Rio Grande December 1928 78rpm
6661 William Harris Bullfrog Blues December 1928 78rpm
6666 Norman Wallace [US1] Cheerio, Cherry Lips, Cheerio 1928 78rpm
6673 Ted Chesnut Only a Tramp January 1929 78rpm
6687 The Virginia Mountain Boomers Sugar Hill 1928 78rpm
6688 Rutherford and Burnett Under the Pale Moonlight January 1929 78rpm
6689 Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Run Smoke Run January 1929 78rpm
6692 State Street Ramblers Oriental Man January 1929 78rpm
6697 Pat Dollohan and His Orch. - Lawrence Welk's Novelty Orch. Sweethearts on Parade - Doin' the New Low Down February 1929 78rpm
6702 Green Bailey The Santa Barbara Earthquake February 1929 78rpm
6703 McGhee and Cogar My Old Cottage Home 1929 78rpm
6706 Moore, Burnett and Rutherford - Taylor, Moore and Burnett Cumberland Gap - Grandma's Rag February 1929 78rpm
6707 William Harris Kansas City Blues 1929 78rpm
6715 Jack Golding In the Big Rock Candy Mountains 1929 78rpm
6732 Green Bailey I Wish I Were a Mole in the Ground 1929 78rpm
6733 Justin Winfield - G.B. Grayson - Henry Whitter Say, Darling, Say - Sally Gooden 1928 78rpm
6760 Rutherford and Moore - Taylor, Moore and Burnett Good Night Waltz - Knoxville Rag April 1929 78rpm
6763 Byrd Moore The Bully of the Town 1929 78rpm
6795 McGhee and Cogar Leaning on the Everlasting Arms May 1929 78rpm
6798 Zack Whyte and His Chocolate Beau Brummels It's Tight Like That 1929 78rpm
6816 Carl Fenton's New Yorkers - Buzzington Rustic Revelers Deep Night - Kansas City Kitty 1929 78rpm
6818 The New Yorkers – Ernie Golden and His Orchestra Dance of the Paper Dolls – I'll Tell the World June 1929 78rpm
6823 Bradley Kincaid The Wreck on the C & O Road 1929 78rpm
6824 Norman Woodlieff Brace Up and Be a Man, She Said June 1929 78rpm
6856 Bradley Kincaid A Paper of Pins 1929 78rpm
6869 Charlie Davenport Atlanta Rag 1929 78rpm
6873 Rutherford and Foster My Carolina Home 1929 78rpm
6888 Kentucky Mountain Choristers We'll Understand It Better Bye and Bye 1929 78rpm
6913 Rutherford and Foster Sally Johnson 1929 78rpm
6914 Miles & Thompson Put My Little Shoes Away 1929 78rpm
6916 Blue Ridge Sacred Singers Where the Soul Never Dies 1929 78rpm
6932 McGhee and Cogar Calling the Prodigal 1929 78rpm
6943 W.C. Childers Over the Hills to the Poorhouse 1929 78rpm
6945 Cranford & Thompson Naomi Wise 1929 78rpm
6946 Bill Cox Daddy and Home 1929 78rpm
6958 Bradley Kincaid Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane 1929 78rpm
6976 Rutherford and Foster Richmond Blues 1929 78rpm
6985 Arthur Fields – Norman Wallace It's Unanimous Now – Some Day You'll Realize Your Wrong November 1929 78rpm
7034 Frank Jenkins' Pilot Mountaineers Sunny Home in Dixie 1929 78rpm
7043 Jack Stillman and His Orchestra – Ernie Golden and His Orchestra Dance Away the Night – Little by Little January 1930 78rpm
7050 Asa Martin The Fellow That Looks Like Me January 1930 78rpm
7053 Bradley Kincaid I Will Be All Smiles Tonight January 1930 78rpm
7059 Bert Stock and His Orchestra Turn on the Heat 1930 78rpm
7065 The Arkansas Woodchopper The Cowboy's Dream 1930 78rpm
7104 Carl Fenton and His Orchestra What Is This Thing Called Love? 1930 78rpm
7108 South Sea Serenaders Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 1930 78rpm
7146 The Tin Pan Paraders You've Got That Thing 1930 78rpm
7161 Alphonso Trent & His Orchestra St. James Infirmary 1930 78rpm
7183 Lew Childre Wagon Yard June 1930 78rpm
7188 Carolina Gospel Singers - Blue Ridge Sacred Singers Drifting Too Far from the Shore - Jesus Is Mine 1930 78rpm
7206 Cliff Carlisle Memphis Yodel 1930 78rpm
7221 Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Sally Gooden 1930 78rpm
7234 University Orchestra Swingin' in a Hammock 1930 78rpm