E. Berliner's Gramophone

E. Berliner's Gramophone
United States
from 1894 to 1901
Emile Berliner, a German-American inventor, invented the disc gramophone or phonograph. After from 1889 on in Europe having run E. Berliner's Grammophon, which was the first label to issue music on discs (made of hard rubber) as opposed to cylinders, he in 1893 formed E. Berliner's Gramophone in Philadelphia and started using a shellac compound.
Late in 1901, the label was merged with another company and the succeeding entity became The Victor Talking Machine Company. In 1900, Berliner registered the famous painting of Nipper the dog listening to a gramophone known as "His Master's Voice" as a trademark, which became famous as the logo on records issued by Victor.
Related labels
Amour Gramophone Record   Sublabel
E. Berliner's Grammophon   German predecessing label


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
42 V Sousa's Band El Capitan - March 1897 78rpm
61 V Sousa's Band Stars and Stripes Forever 1897 78rpm
66 Sousa's Band La czarine 1897 78rpm
116 Z The Banda Rossa Old Black Joe 1899 78rpm
129 Sousa's Band My Old Kentucky Home 1898 78rpm
140 Sousa's Band Washington Post March 1897 78rpm
149 V Sousa's Band Manhattan Beach March 1898 78rpm
163 Y Geo. J. Gaskin When Summer Comes Again 1895 78rpm
164 Y Geo J. Gaskin Old Folks at Home 1896 78rpm
168 Z Geo J. Gaskin Massa's in the Cold Cold Ground 1896 78rpm
170 Z Mr. J. W. Myers The New Bully 1896 78rpm
171 Z Dan W. Quinn The Streets of Cairo 1896 78rpm
172 W John Terrell Marching Through Georgia 1898 78rpm
172 Y Mr. J. W. Myers Marching Through Georgia 1896 78rpm
172 Z Geo J. Gaskin Marching Thro' Georgia 1896 78rpm
175 Y Geo J. Gaskin My Old Kentucky Home 1895 78rpm
176 Y Dan W. Quinn The Sunshine of Paradise Alley 1896 78rpm
177 YY E John Terrell When Johnny Comes Marching Home 1898 78rpm
178 Geo J. Gaskin I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard 1895 78rpm
178 Z Dan W. Quinn I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard 1896 78rpm
181 Z Geo J. Gaskin Love's Old Sweet Song 1897 78rpm
189 Z Geo J. Gaskin Just Tell Them That You Saw Me 1896 78rpm
192 Geo J. Gaskin I Gwine Back to Dixie 1895 78rpm
192 Z Mr. S. H. Dudley I'se Gwine Back to Dixie 1898 78rpm
243 Cornet Duet La Paloma 1894 78rpm
301 Z Mr. A. P. Stengler Old Folks at Home 1898 78rpm
337 X Mr. A. P. Stengler Home, Sweet Home 1899 78rpm
393 Mabel Casedy Home Sweet Home 1899 78rpm
403 George W. Johnson The Mocking Bird 1895 78rpm
403 V Milton M. Clark Whistling Mocking Bird 1898 78rpm
403 XX Harry Taft The Mocking Bird 1898 78rpm
403 ZZ Billy Golden The Mocking Bird 1897 78rpm
434 Harry Taft El Capitan March 1898 78rpm
460 Stephen B. Clements Rastus on Parade 1896 78rpm
477 Z Messrs. Cullen and Collins Georgia Campmeeting 1899 78rpm
494 Cullen and Collins Rastus on Parade 1897 78rpm
523 W Mr. John Terrell Mister Johnson Turn Me Loose 1898 78rpm
553 Miss Maud Foster I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard 1896 78rpm
563 Miss Maud Foster Her Golden Hair Was Hanging down Her Back 1896 78rpm
570 Miss Maud Foster My Gal Is a High Born Lady 1897 78rpm
725 Billy Golden Roll on de Ground 1896 78rpm
726 Z Billy Golden Turkey in de Straw 1897 78rpm
858 Brilliant Quartette Hear Dem Bells 1896 78rpm
0942 Harry Macdonough She Was Happy Till She Met You 1900 78rpm
1245 Eugenie M. Ferrer La paloma June 1899 78rpm
1648 X Mr. J. W. Myers The Vacant Chair 1898 78rpm
1649 Z Mr. J. W. Myers Just Before the Battle 1897 78rpm
1729 Steve Porter There'll Come a Time 1897 78rpm
1759 Steve Porter Abide with Me 1897 78rpm
1766 Steve Porter Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior 1897 78rpm
1769 Steve Porter Just as I Am 1897 78rpm
1773 Mr. J. W. Myers Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms 1898 78rpm
1784 Steve Porter On the Banks of the Wabash 1898 78rpm
1838 Mr. A. C. Campbell Break the News to Mother 1899 78rpm
1854 Jno Terrell The Battle Cry of Freedom 1898 78rpm
1870 Mr. J. W. Myers The Bonnie Blue Flag 1898 78rpm
1917 W.D. McFarland Ave Maria 1898 78rpm
1961 Mr. S. H. Dudley She Was Happy Till She Met You 1899 78rpm
3259 Z Mr. Chas. P. Lowe The Mocking Bird 1897 78rpm
3412 W Arthur Pryor & Henry Higgins Nearer My God to Thee 1898 78rpm
32321 J. Thomas Minuit chrétiens 1899 78rpm
82589 Gustav Sjöberg O helga natt 1899 78rpm
83167 Otta Brønnum Solveigs sang 1899 78rpm

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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
3010 Cousins & DeMoss Poor Mourner 1898 78rpm
E 3023 Edith Clegg Ave Maria 1898 78rpm
3066 Otta Brønnum Jeg elsker dig 1898 78rpm
3098 Madge Breese Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau September 1900 78rpm
3099 Madge Breese Ar Hyd y Nos 1900 78rpm
3107 Eleanor Jones The Dove September 1900 78rpm
3119 Eleanor Jones The Ash Grove September 1900 78rpm
3122 Eleanor Jones Idle Days in Summertime September 1900 78rpm
3168 Flora Donaldson Loch Lomond September 1900 78rpm