Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward
United States
from 1933 to 1941
Chicago, Illinois, based label formed by the retail chain Montgomery Ward, that sold a huge variety of items through its mail-order catalog. In the 1930s, the company sold its own shellacs which were recorded and pressed by Victor, Bluebird Records, and other companies at various points in their existence.


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
M 3014 Bob Miller & Boys When the White Azaleas Start Blooming 1933 78rpm
M 4238 The Vagabonds [US1] Little Mother of the Hills 1933 78rpm
M 4421 Bradley Kincaid Sweet Betsy from Pike 1933 78rpm
M 4424 Jim and Bob (Genial Hawaiians) The Song of the Range 1934 78rpm
M 4545 The Carter Family On a Hill Lone and Gray 1935 78rpm
M 4775 Edward MacHugh Old Rugged Cross 1936 78rpm
M 4917 Carson Robison's Buckaroos There's a Bridle Hangin' on the Wall 1936 78rpm
M 7010 Monroe Brothers Watermelon Hangin' on that Vine January 1937 78rpm
M 7230 Lester Pete Bivins Married Life Blues 1937 78rpm
M 7243 Homer Briarhopper Beautiful Home Sweet Home 1937 78rpm
M 7327 Blue Sky Boys In My Little Home in Tennessee January 1938 78rpm
M 7354 Carter Family Over the Garden Wall 1938 78rpm
M 7355 Carter Family Will My Mother Know Me There? 1938 78rpm
M 7356 Carter Family Give Me Roses While I Live 1938 78rpm
M 7446 Carter Family The Wandering Boy 1938 78rpm
M 7454 Mainer's Mountaineers Just over in the Glory Land 1938 78rpm
M 7689 Arthur Smith and His Dixie Liners Girl of My Dreams 1939 78rpm
M 7746 Johnson County Ramblers Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again 1939 78rpm
M 7757 J. H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies My Sweetheart Has Gone and Left Me 1938 78rpm
M 7885 Uncle Dave Macon Johnny Grey 1939 78rpm
M 7905 Riley Puckett That Old Irish Mother of Mine May 1939 78rpm
M 8489 Rouse Brothers Please Let Me Walk with My Son July 17, 1939 78rpm
M 8846 Blue Sky Boys Why Not Confess 1941 78rpm