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This label started out in the 1950s specializing in blues. In the 1970s it became a sublabel of T.K. Records, specializing in disco. It closed in 1980.

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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
MARLIN 2203 The Ritchie Family Life Is Music January 1977 LP
MARLIN 2204 Tropea Short Trip to Space 1977 LP
MARLIN 2209 Phil Upchurch Phil Upchurch 1978 LP
MARLIN 2214 Eddie Daniels Streetwind 1978 LP
MARLIN 2215 The Ritchie Family American Generation July 1978 LP
MARLIN 2217 Gregg Diamond Gregg Diamond's Star Cruiser September 1978 LP
MARLIN 2220 Queen Samantha The Letter 1978 LP
MARLIN 2223 Star City I'm a Man 1978 LP
MARLIN 2228 Uncle Louie Uncle Louie's Here! 1978 LP
MARLIN 2230 Queen Samantha Queen Samantha 2 1979 LP