Emerson [US]

Emerson [US]
United States
from 1915 to 1928
Record label established by Victor Hugo Emerson, Jr. and based in New York City


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
10100 Irving Kaufman - Arthur Fields Hippity Hop - Tell Me (Tell Me Why) December 1919 78rpm
10101 Sam Ash – Irving & Jack Kaufman In Your Arms – Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care) January 1920 78rpm
10102 Eddie Cantor You'd Be Surprised January 1920 78rpm
10110 Irving and Jack Kaufman - Bert Harvey Old Joe Blues - All the Quakers Are Shoulder Shakers down in Quaker Town December 1919 78rpm
10115 Edward Hamilton – Charles Hart & Elliott Shaw Just Like the Rose – Let the Rest of the World Go By 1920 78rpm
10116 Louisiana Five Weary Blues March 1920 78rpm
10133 Selvin's Orchestra In Shadowland 1920 78rpm
10148 Arthur Fields Oh! How I Laugh 1920 78rpm
10157 Plantation Jazz Orchestra Railroad Blues May 1920 78rpm
10160 Murray's Melody Men - Continental Military Band Rose of Washington Square - Toreador July 1920 78rpm
10177 Billy Murray – George Hamilton Green's Novelty Orchestra Oh by Jingo! Oh by Gee! – Oh by Jingo! Oh by Gee! June 1920 78rpm
10185 Sanford's Famous Dance Orchestra On Miami Shore 1920 78rpm
10198 Billy Murray - Irving Kaufman Whistle a Song - Marion July 1920 78rpm
10199 Arthur Fields – Eddie Nelson Everybody's Buddy – I'd Love to Fall Asleep and Wake Up in My Mammy's Arms August 1920 78rpm
10200 Eddie Cantor The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks July 1920 78rpm
10205 Six Brown Brothers 12th Street Rag August 1920 78rpm
10222 Walter Scanlan Little Town in the Ould County Down 1920 78rpm
10225 Walter Scanlan Down the Trail to Home Sweet Home September 1920 78rpm
10233 Eddie Nelson After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It October 1920 78rpm
10234 Arthur Fields - Fred Hillebrand My Little Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle - Way Down Barcelona Way October 1920 78rpm
10242 Van Eps Specialty Four Yo-San October 1920 78rpm
10267 Plantation Dance Orchestra – Sanford's Famous Dance Orchestra The Japanese Sandman – Dancing Eyes December 1920 78rpm
10268 Joseph Samuels' Music Masters – Green Brothers' Novelty Band When the Harvest Moon Is Shining – Pretty Miss Virginia 1920 78rpm
10292 Eddie Cantor Palesteena February 1921 78rpm
10301 Eddie Cantor Margie 1921 78rpm
10302 Arthur Fields - Irving Kaufman Look! What You've Done with Your Dog-Gone Dangerous Eyes – Broadway Rose 1921 78rpm
10303 Joseph Samuels' Music Masters – Green Brothers' Novelty Band Grieving for You – Just We Two February 1921 78rpm
10316 Arthur Fields Feather Your Nest 1921 78rpm
10321 Lanin's Roseland Orchestra No Wonder I'm Blue March 1921 78rpm
10325 Walter Scanlan Killarney March 1921 78rpm
10333 Arthur Fields I Used to Love You but It's All over Now April 1921 78rpm
10349 Eddie Cantor – Arthur Fields I Never Knew – I'm Missin' Mammy's Kissin' May 1921 78rpm
10355 Lanin's Roseland Orchestra - Merry Melody Men Wang Wang Blues - Blue Jeans June 1921 78rpm
10357 Noble Sissle and His Sizzling Syncopators The Boll Weevil Blues June 1921 78rpm
10365 Noble Sissle - Acc. by Sissle's Sizzling Syncopators Low Down Blues June 1921 78rpm
10385 Noble Sissle and His Sizzling Syncopators Baltimore Buzz July 1921 78rpm
10388 Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra - Joseph Samuels' Music Masters Paper Doll - Jealous of You June 1921 78rpm
10396 Noble Sissle – Piano Accompaniment by Eubie Blake Love Will Find a Way September 1921 78rpm
10426 Eddie Nelson I've Got the Joys October 1921 78rpm
10434 Eubie Blake Baltimore Buzz October 1921 78rpm
10435 Biltmore Hotel Orchestra Merry Widow Medley October 1921 78rpm
10450 Eubie Blake Ma November 1921 78rpm
10452 Bennie Krueger's Orchestra Tuck Me to Sleep (In My Old 'Tucky Home) December 1921 78rpm
10456 Fred Hillebrand – Eddie Nelson What I Want to Doodle Do for You – Cry Baby Blues December 1921 78rpm
10467 Lanin's Southern Serenaders Gypsy Blues December 1921 78rpm
10490 Arthur Fields - Richard Bold April Showers - Old Fashioned Days 1921 78rpm
10548 Irving and Jack Kaufman – Irving Kaufman Homesick – Yankee Doodle Blues 1922 78rpm
10561 Emerson Dance Orchestra – Glantz Dance Orchestra Nellie Kelly I Love You – Lost (A Wonderful Girl) 1923 78rpm
10568 Emerson Dance Orchestra – Lanin's Roseland Dance Orchestra When the Leaves Come Tumbling Down – Lovelight in Your Eyes 1923 78rpm
10570 Lada's Louisiana Orchestra When Will I Know? February 1923 78rpm
10576 Billy Jones [US] I Gave You Up Just Before You Threw Me Down February 1923 78rpm
10577 Lanin's Roseland Orchestra - Lada's Louisiana Orchestra Dearest - When Hearts Are Young 1923 78rpm
10579 Emerson Dance Orchestra Liza February 1923 78rpm
10586 Lizzie Miles and Her Creole Jazz Hounds Aggravatin' Papa March 1923 78rpm
10598 Lada's Orchestra By the Shalimar May 1923 78rpm
10613 Lizzie Miles Haitian Blues June 1923 78rpm
10623 Emerson Dance Orchestra – Pennsylvania Syncopators Papa Better Watch Your Step – Yes! We Have No Bananas July 1923 78rpm
10625 Hannah Sylvester acc. by Henderson' Orch. Midnight Blues July 1923 78rpm
10650 Benny Davis Stella September 1923 78rpm
10657 Irving Kaufman - Irving and Jack Kaufman Just a Girl That Men Forget – That Old Gang of MIne October 1923 78rpm
10662 Benny Davis No No Nora October 1923 78rpm
10668 Pennsylvania Syncopators If I Can't Get the Sweetie I Want I Pity the Sweetie I Get November 1923 78rpm
10670 Pennsylvania Syncopators Mama Goes Where Papa Goes 1923 78rpm
10671 Emerson Dance Orchestra - Pennsylvania Syncopaters I Love You - I'm Sitting Pretty in a Pretty Little City November 1923 78rpm
10688 Pennsylvania Syncopators My Lovey Came Back January 1924 78rpm
10713 Henderson and His Orchestra Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot March 1924 78rpm
10723 Lucky Strike Orchestra – Memphis Five Come On Red! – I've Got a Cross-Eyed Papa (But He Looks Straight to Me) April 1924 78rpm
10739 Joe Samuels and His Music Master Lazy 1924 78rpm
10744 Fletcher Henderson and His Orch. Ghost of the Blues 1924 78rpm
10764 Glantz and His Orchestra - Emerson Dance Orchestra Oh Baby (Don't Say No - Say Maybe) - Never Care About Tomorrow August 1924 78rpm
10782 Original Memphis Five Wait'll You See My Gal September 1924 78rpm
10830 Jos. Samuels & His Music Masters – Pennsylvania Syncopators Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do – Those Panama Mammas February 1925 78rpm
10844 California Melody Syncopators Oh How I Miss You Tonight March 1925 78rpm