Below a list of great online resources used by our editing staff on a regular basis. Non-English resources are marked by their language code.
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The majority of these sources are Performance rights organisations.

Name Description Country
ABRAMUS Associação Brasileira de Música e Artes (pt) Brazil
ACAM Asociación de Compositores y Autores Musicales (es) Costa Rica
ACUM Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel (he/en) Israel
AKKA-LAA Autortiesību un komunicēšanās konsultāciju aģentūra/Latvijas Autoru apvienība (lv) Latvia
AKM/AUME Austro Mechana (at) Austria
AMUS Asocijacija Kompozitora Muzičkih Stvaralaca (bh) Bosnia & Herzegovina
APDAIC Asociación Peruana de Autores y Compositores (es) Paraguay
APRA Australasian Performing Right Association (en) Australia
ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (en) USA
AustroMechana The Austrian copyright society (de) Austria
BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated (en) USA
BUMA/STEMRA Dutch music copyright catalogue (nl) Netherlands
CASH Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (zh/en) Hong Kong
CMRRA Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (fr/en) Canada
ECCO Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation (en) St. Lucia
Enkelklarering Copyright clearing society (no/en) Norway
GEMA Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (de/en) Germany
HFA Harry Fox Agency (en) USA
Have a Sync (it/en)
Hljóðsafn The Icelandic Copyright Society (is/en) Iceland
IMSLP Catalogs of Copyright Entries (en) USA
IPRS Indian Performing Right Society (en) India
ISWC-Net International Standard Musical Work Code database (en) Worldwide
JASRAC Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (jp) Japan
KODA Komponistrettigheder i Danmark Denmark
KOMCA Korea Music Copyright Association (ko/en/ja/zh) South Korea
MACP Music Authors Copyright Protection (en) Malaysia
MESAM Musical Work Owners' Society of Turkey (tr/en) Turkey
MPL McCartney Productions (en) World
MSI Musical Work Owners Group Society (tr) Turkey
Musikverket A state run song catalogue of vintage local releases (sv/en) Sweden
MÜST Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei (cn) Taiwan
NCIP National Center of Intellectual Property (ru/by/en) Belarus
NMP Национальное музыкальное издательство - National Music Publishers (ru) Russia
OSA Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním, o.s. (cs/en) Czech Republic
PAM CG Prava autoramuzike Crne Gore (cg/en) Montenegro
PRS Performing Right Society (en) United Kingdom
RAO Russian Authors' Society (ru/en) Russia
RHM Round Hill Music (en) USA
SABAM Société Belge des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs/Belgische Vereniging van Auteurs, Componisten en Uitgevers (nl/fr/en) Belgium
SACEM Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (fr/en) France
SACM Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de Mexico (es) Mexico
SADAIC Sociedad argentina de autores y compositores de musica (es) Argentina
SAZAS Združenje skladateljev in avtorjev za zaščito avtorske pravice Slovenije (sl) Slovenia
SESAC Society of European Stage Authors & Composers (en) USA
SGAE Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (es) Spain
SIAE Società italiana degli autori ed editori (en) Italy
SMDB The 'Royal' Swedish media database and audio-visual library (sv/en) Sweden
SOCAN The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (fr/en) Canada
SODRAC Society for Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Canada Inc. (fr/en) Canada
SOKOJ Organizacija muzičkih autora Srbije (sr) Serbia
STIM Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå (see [here]([[topic 74848 STIM login info]] for login info) (se/en) Sweden
SUISA Suisse Auteurs (de/fr/it/en) Switzerland
Suomen Äänitearkisto The Finnish Institute of Recorded Sounds Instructions Aanitearkisto (fi) Finland
UMPG Universal Music Publishing Group (en) World
WC Warner Chappell (de/it/es/fr/en) World
ZAiKS Stowarzyszenie Autorów (pl) Poland
ZAMP Zaštita autorskih muzičkih prava (hr) Croatia
ZAMP Združenje avtorjev Slovenije (sl) Slovenia

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