Q: What is SecondHandSongs?

A: SecondHandSongs is the largest and most accurate database of cover songs. Find out who performed the original version of a particular song, or who else around the world covered that song. We try to be as complete and accurate as possible by also indexing the songwriters of the songs and the releases that feature these originals and covers. We order the data in a reusable and maintainable way and we're highly cross-referenced with other databases, among which Discogs, RateYourMusic, Echonest, Spotify, iTunes, ...

Q: How do you define originals and covers?

A: Check out our introduction to the database.

Completeness and accuracy

  • Q: Why is song XYZ not listed in your database?

  • Q: Why is cover song XYZ not listed in your database?

  • Q: Why is song X by artist A listed as a cover, knowing this artist actually wrote the song?

  • Q: Why are a lot of track listings of albums incomplete?

  • Q: Why is the order of the track listings of albums incorrect?

  • Q: You're listing a cover song that is released on another album/single, on top of the album/single you are currently listing. What should I do?

  • Q: Are your statistics reliable?

  • Q: Why does it say work XYZ is written by artist ABC when many other sources claim it was written by artist DEF?

  • Q: The title of web cover DEF is incorrect!


  • Q: How can I add songs to the database?

  • Q: Do you also accept covers in other languages than English?

  • Q: Can I add multiple cover songs of the same work by the same artist?

  • Q: How can I submit a songwriter to the database?

  • Q: Why does it say "unverified" next to my submission?

  • Q: Why is my submission "on hold"?

  • Q: Why does it take forever until my suggestion has been verified/processed?

  • Q: Where can I find reliable sources of information?

  • Q: How do I add a cover of which the original is missing?

  • Q: Where can I report errors and incomplete information?

  • Q: Why are some Error Reports assigned to an editor, and others unassigned?

  • Q: How can I add YouTube videos to songs?

  • Q: I want to link a cover song to its corresponding Spotify track, but the track is not suggested to me, although I'm sure it's on Spotify.


  • Q: Are you selling any of the songs, singles or albums listed?

  • Q: Do you sell sheet music?