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Editor notes

External links

  • It's SHS policy to have as many cross-references with other databases.
  • External links should never be deleted, unless they refer to a non-corresponding entity.
  • Transferring links from the Editor notes to External links: Do not delete the comments regarding the link.
  • Keep the Comment of External links short. If needed, use the Editor notes instead.
  • External links are cached by SHS - so we have a back-up in case the reference goes offline

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Help sections in Create Forms

  • Every entry form has a Help section, that can be toggled off or on. By default, Help is
    • On for trainees and junior editors
    • Off for all other editors


  • When should you request ownership? You have an extensive knowledge about the entry. You think you can do a better job than the current owner.
  • When should you take ownership? The owner of the entry is a retired editor, and you have an extensive knowledge about the entry.