MusicLicensing / MusicLicensing Testimonials

  • Robert Emmons (Owner San Francisco Mercantile): After spending hours online trying to research music copyrights and the process of how to get permission to use a specific song, I finally found SecondHandSongs. Their licensing partners quickly found the owner of the copyright I needed and negotiated a license for our use of the music. They responded quickly and professionally and saved my company valuable time. SecondHandSongs will be who I reach out to in the future for any music rights questions and licensing needs.

  • Abner Benaim (Award-winning director at Apertura Films): I wrote a message online saying I was having a difficult time getting a very famous song on budget, and that our deadline was NOW! By the end of the day, the license was guaranteed, and the next day I already had my paperwork in order.

  • Ben Haven Taylor (Director of "In The Off Season"): The sync licensing team at SecondHandSongs not only delivered licenses and masters quickly and efficiently, but also excelled as creative consultants in the complex process of music supervision. They are a joy to work with and will always be my first port of call while looking for music and rights in the future.

  • Jeff Denton (Writer and Producer of "The Toybox"): During pre-production, I searched the internet and found the perfect song that my production team and me wanted to use as the theme that ran throughout our movie. We discovered it on a public domain website but couldn't find a second resource anywhere that could confirm that it was actually in the public domain. Six months later, and having exhausted BMI, ASCAP, and every other musical data base I could come up with, I was referred to SecondHandSongs. They found the song, identified its public domain status and master-rights owner, and had it licensed to me within days. What I was most impressed and appreciative of, was that it was all done during a holiday week. Many thanks!

  • Nicolás Combarro (Director of "The Shadow Line"): I used SecondHandSongs to clear the rights for a very important song in my film. Not only were they extremely attentive to my needs, but they were also able to successfully navigate a very complicated sync licensing copyright within my budget and just in time.