The SecondHandSongs Radio Show

A Bear Cave Production

In association with SecondHandSongs. Bear Cave Studios is an independent and amateur audio production studio, specialising in podcasting and radio.

About the show

We play a range of cover versions, from those which are hits in their own right to hidden gems, foreign language covers, songs you didn’t realise were covers and more. We focus in on one or two songs a week and bring you the story of the song (The Cover Story), as well as creating a new “Cover Chain” each week, where we try to link different cover versions together.


Broadcast Partners

  • Mix94 - Cornwall, Ontario
United Kingdom
United States


  • Listen to the radio show on Spotify
    • NB: Only via the app (not the browser), and only Premium users hear full songs.
  • The Homepage of the radio show on Bear Cave Studios
  • The Mixcloud page