Step 1: Proving yourself

First of all, before you start you should file for editorship by sending us a mail. Don't forget to mention your forum name, and what instant messaging program you use.

In the first step we want to find out:

  • How interested you are in cover songs.
  • How big your knowledge in music is.
  • How motivated you are to join Second Hand Songs.

You can prove yourself in two ways:

1. Suggesting covers

  • You can post your suggestions on the Add songs to our database board.
  • Read the Guidelines before posting.
  • Only post one cover per thread, except if you suggest songs from the same album.
  • What we appreciate is correct, accurate and complete information. These are the data we expect to get from you:
    • Title
    • Artist
    • Medium the song was released on: album/single, label, catalogue number, release year
    • Authors and composers if it's an original, or possibly additional credits for covers and songs containing samples
    • A way to doublecheck what you said: CD scans, trustworthy sources, sound samples, ...
  • It is higly recommended to check the box "Notify me of replies". It can take a while before we have a look at your suggestions, and with this option you don't need to check the forum all the time.
  • Some suggestions are more appreciated than others. Searching through your LP and CD collection for covers we have omitted is very appreciated, surfing the net and posting tribute albums is a lot less appreciated.

2. Reporting mistakes and incomplete information

  • You can post alleged mistakes on the Report errors board.
  • Again, you should have carefully read the Guidelines before posting. Otherwise you might report that an original is attributed to the wrong performer, because you don't know the criteria we use.
  • Also similar to suggesting songs, it is very important to name your sources, in order to help us correct errors with the certainty of dealing with correct information.


Once we are satisfied with your work you can move on to Step 2. You will of course personally get notified of this.

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