Step 3: The Test Site

Now things are getting serious. This is without a doubt the most exciting step.

1. Editor guidelines

Read the editor guidelines very thoroughly. You will find out how you should enter information in the database in a correct and efficient way. We can't stress enough how important it is to have all data entered in the same systematic way.

As usual, ask any question you might have on the forum.

2. Working on the Test Site

The Test Site is a website almost completely identical to the real website, except that you're allowed to test and try out as much you like without causing any damage to the database. We encourage you to try as many different entries as you can:

  • Add a cover
  • Add an original
  • Add a cover/original and a medium at the same time
  • Make relations between artists
  • ...

Once we're convinced you're able to work flawlessly on the database, you move on to StepFour.

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