User Levels

NB: Any higher ranked user level automatically inherits the powers of lower user levels.

Certified Contributor Level 1

Certified Contributor Level 2

  • Removing incorrectly attributed Youtube videos
  • Checking or unchecking Instrumental status of a Performance
  • Editing the Artist Comment Field
  • Posting in the editor board Guidelines


  • Has access to the Test database, copy of the actual database used for training and experimenting.

New editors (400)

  • Can enter new performances, limited by a quota
  • Can alter data by retired editors
  • Can review CC edits
  • Can alter text content
  • Can vote for Trac tickets
  • Editor access on our Facebook page

Junior editors (500)

  • Can enter new performances, unlimited
  • Can alter data by new and retired editors
  • Can untag own tags

Editors (600)

  • Can enter new performances, unlimited
  • Can alter all data
  • Can review CC edits
  • Can untag any tag
  • Can have a username@secondhandsongs email address if they wish
  • Can create Trac tickets (NB: This requires the manual LDAP OU setting)
  • Can alter text content
  • Editor access on our Facebook page

Managing Editors (?00)

  • Delete messages on the forum (in order to quickly remove spam)
  • Delete users (in order to quickly remove spammers)
  • Full view on the event log
  • View management statistics, currently they are:
    • API calls over time
    • Unanswered error reports
  • Upgrade users to Certified Contributors (not functional yet)
    • If two managing editors vouch for a user, we will upgrade the user to CC straight away. (no management vote needed)
  • Google Analytics
    • Reading and analyzing

Moving to another user level is based on merit, not entry stats or a related point-based system. These decisions are taken by the managers. This being said, there are few minima one should meet to be promoted:

  • From CC1 to CC2: At least 25 accepted edits