Лебединое озеро {Lebedinoe ozero}

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Written by
Performed live in
Performed by the house orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater, Moscow.
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{Lebedinoe ozero} written by instrumental

Title Performer Release date Info
i {Lebedinoe ozero} First live performance on March 4, 1877
i Swan Lake Unknown orchestra and conductor February 12, 1931 Unverified
i Swan Lake Ballet Suite John Barbirolli (John Barbirolli, The London Philharmonic Orchestra) December 1933 Unverified
i 1958
i Favorite Theme From Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Ballet Ray Conniff and His Orchestra 1958 Unverified
i Black Swan René and His Alligators September 1, 1963 Unverified
i Tanz Der Schwäne (Danse Des Cygnes) Witold Rowicki 1966 Unverified
i The Swan The Barry Lee Trio 1966 Unverified
i Theme From Swanlake Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnys 1967 Unverified
i Swan Lake The Cats [UK] 1968 Unverified
i Swan Lake The Ventures 1970 Unverified
i Лебединое озеро {Lebedinoe ozero} Montego Melon 1972 Unverified
i Schwanensee (Swan Lake) Arno Flor (Arno Flor) 1974 Unverified
i Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act 1: 2. Waltz (Tempo di valse) Andre Previn & the London Symphony Orchestra (André Previn, The London Symphony Orchestra) 1976 Unverified
i 1977
i Swan Lake '77 The Dreadnaughts (The Cimarons) 1977 Unverified
i October 1979
i 1979
i 1980
i 1981
i Swan Lake Chet Baker 1982 Unverified
i Schwanensee Op. 20 Mstislav Rostropovich & Berliner Philharmoniker (Berliner Philharmoniker) 1984 Unverified
i Swan Lake Dick Hyman, Ruby Braff (Dick Hyman) 1985 Unverified
i Swan Lake The Dead Beats 1985 Unverified
i 1987
i 1989
i 1989
i 1992
i Schwanensee (Tango 33 BPM) Klaus Hallen (Klaus Hallen) April 3, 1993 Unverified
i 1993
i 1994
i Лебединое озеро {Lebedinoe ozero} Timo Tolkki (Timo Tolkki) 1994 Unverified
i Schwanensee Symphonic Rock Orchestra February 21, 1995 Unverified
i 1997
i Schwanensee The Rapsody featuring Scoota 1997 Unverified
i 1999
i Swan Lake The Nebulas 2002 Unverified
i Swan Lake Brave Combo 2003 Unverified
i Saturday Nite At The Duckpond The Quiets 2003 Unverified
i 2004
i Swan Lake Big Mascara 2005 Unverified
i Schwanensee (Moderato André Rieu 2007 Unverified
i Swan Lake (A Cappella) The Agonist February 23, 2009 Unverified
i Swan Lake William Orbit August 16, 2010 Unverified
i December 7, 2010
i 2011
i Schwanensee Joe Kennedy (?) August 21, 2012 Unverified
i Schwanensee Sash! (Sash!) August 31, 2012 Unverified
i Swan Lake Theme David Garrett November 5, 2013 Unverified
i 2014
i Schwanensee Uwaga! [Germany] 2014 Unverified
i Schwanensee Bela Flora January 16, 2015 Unverified
i July 1, 2016
i Swan Lake (Rework) Matthias Arfmann September 9, 2016 Unverified
i Schwanensee Umaga! & Dortmunder Philharmoniker 2016 Unverified
i Swan Lake Theme Fady Maalouf September 15, 2017 Unverified
i Schwanensee / Der Schwan Nikolaj Abramson November 10, 2017 Unverified
i In My Blood / Swan Lake The Piano Guys November 9, 2018 Unverified
i Uprising - Swan Lake Mozart Heroes 2018 Unverified
i The Swan Lake Dub Mato March 15, 2019 Unverified
i Swan Lake Megaraptor 2019 Unverified
i Swan Lake Accept 2019 Unverified
i Swan Lake Hauser February 7, 2020 Unverified
i Swan Lake (Epic Trailer Version) Hidden Citizens 2020 Unverified

Swan Lake written by English (not verified yet)

Save Me (Swanlake) written by English (not verified yet)

Mirror of my Soul written by English (not verified yet)

Δωσ' Μου Το Πιο Γλυκό Φιλί (Λίμνη Των Κύκνων) written by Greek, Modern (1453-) (not verified yet)