Release date
Catalog number
JALCD 12013
64 3002 58031 1 1
Tribute to
Elvis Presley


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Title Performer Written by Info
[Traditional], John Newton Originally by (unknown), (unknown), The Original Sacred Harp Choir
Jay Johnson, Billy Hayes Originally by Doye O'Dell
Artie Glenn Originally by Darrell Glenn
Carl Gustav Boberg, [Traditional], Stuart Hine Originally by (unknown), Bill Carle with Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus
Red West Originally by Bobby West
Walter Earl Brown Originally by Elvis Presley
J. A. Balthrop Originally by Elvis Presley
Nicky Chinn, Mike Chapman Originally by Mud [GB]
Johnny Christopher Originally by Elvis Presley
Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Claude Fran├žois, Yves Dessca, Phil Coulter, Bill Martin [GB] Originally by Claude Fran├žois, Richard Harris [IE]
Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller Originally by Elvis Presley
Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, John Freeman Young Originally by Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
Thomas A. Dorsey Originally by Flying Clouds of Detroit
Ray Winkler, John Hathcock Originally by Jim Reeves
Marty Robbins Originally by Marty Robbins