Release date
Catalog number
WW 5001
12" LP
Album also features the The Michael John Four according to the cover


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Title Performer Written by Info
[Traditional], Robert Burns Originally by (unknown)
Annette Mills Originally by Joe Loss and His Band - Vocalist Annette Mills
[Traditional], Jimmy Kennedy Originally by (unknown), (unknown)
Bud Flanagan, Ralph Reader, Michael Carr, Jimmy Kennedy Originally by The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra under the Direction of Henry Hall, Dink Res, Syd Palmer and The Gang, Flanagan and Allen
Harry Clifton, Charles K. Harris, Frank Dean, T W Connor, Edwin Pearce Christy Originally by (unknown), (unknown), Haydn Quartet, Katie Lawrence, The Variety Singers, Sam Doctor
Nora Bayes, Jack Norworth, Jimmy Monaco, Joseph McCarthy, Nat Ayer, Seymour Brown Originally by Billy Murray and American Quartet, Al Jolson, Harry Macdonough & Miss Walton
B.G. DeSylva Originally by Al Jolson
Bert Lee, Harris Weston Originally by (unknown)
Noel Gay, Douglas Furber, L. Arthur Rose Originally by Lupino Lane, Teddie St. Denis and Company
Ernest R. Ball, J. Keirn Brennan Originally by Henry Burr & Albert Campbell
Joseph Eastburn Winner, Joe Henderson [1], Fred Leigh, Charles Collins, Dick Manning Originally by (unknown), Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson, Steve Porter
Iain MacFadyen, Andy Stewart, Harry Lauder, Whit Cunliffe, Gerald Grafton, Frank Folloy, [Traditional] Originally by Mr. Harry Lauder, Harry Lauder, Andy Stewart, (unknown), Florrie Forde
Fred Gilbert, Harry Fragson, Hubert Worton David, Bert Lee, John Glover-Kind, Desmond Cox, Lewis Ilda, Fred Godfrey, Bennett Scott, A J Mills, C. W. Murphy, Elton Box Originally by Mark Sheridan, Ted Yorke, W Raymond, Ella Retford, Charles Coborn, Primo Scala and His Banjo and Accordion Band with The Keynotes