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91 15 0395
12" LP


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Title Performer Written by Info
[Traditional], Peter Petiška Originally by (unknown)
George Brunies, Paul Mares, Ben Pollack, Leon Roppolo, Mel Stitzel, Walter Melrose, Peter Petiška Originally by New Orleans Rhythm Kings
Les Brown, Bud Green, Benjamin Homer, Tomáš Janovic Originally by Les Brown and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Doris Day
[Traditional], Peter Petiška Originally by (unknown)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Zoro Laurinc Originally by Sister Rosetta Tharpe
George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward, Ján Štrasser Originally by Abbie Mitchell
[Traditional], Peter Petiška Originally by The Tuskegee Institute Singers
Shelton Brooks, Peter Brhlovič Originally by Sophie Tucker
Hugh Williams, Jimmy Kennedy, Tomáš Janovic Originally by Lew Stone and His Band - Vocal Chorus by Nat Gonella
Spencer Williams, Zoro Laurinc Originally by Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
James Milton Black, Katharine Purvis, Ján Štrasser, Tomáš Janovic Originally by (unknown)
Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson, Benny Davis, Ján Štrasser, Tomáš Janovic Originally by Rega Dance Orchestra